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May 2003






Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc.

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Meetings normally held 1st Monday of every month.


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2nd June 2003

7:30 pm



Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club

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Wing Notes

May      2003



EDITOR:.............Clint Lovell

Phone:  07 3398 3437

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WING NOTES is produced with the object of keeping members informed about matters of interest to AWRA

members.  A copy of each issue is sent to every financial member of the AWRA.  Copies are also distributed to selected motorcycle dealers in the greater Brisbane area.


Submissions for inclusion in WING NOTES should be with the Editor no later than the Friday following the monthly meeting, i.e.: Friday after the 1st Monday of the month.


DISCLAIMER:    Although WING NOTES will endeavour to reproduce submissions in their original form it reserves the right to edit submissions as it sees fit.  Views expressed in contributed articles in WING NOTES are not  necessarily those of the AWRA or the Editor.   WING NOTES is produced with care, in good faith and from sources  believed to be accurate at the time of writing.






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Ø Ride/Social Calendar
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The Editor Writes…..

Hi All

I just rode 120km to change a comma into a full stop.  Ain’t computers wonderful?  Luckily, I did it on the Goldwing and what could be better than going for a jaunt along the highway, stereo blaring, cool wing blowing the clouds about.  Just wonderful.  As an added bonus, we can now all get emails from Larry and Annette via their account.

I don’t find the distance too much of a burden considering nearly two thirds of our members live outside the Brisbane metropolitan area and often travel many kilometres across town just to start a run.  It is all about riding.

Contributions for this magazine can be emailed to or posted to 47 Breslin St, Carina, Qld 4152.  Photos and slides can be scanned and returned.


             The Secretary Notes…..

            Interesting to see that our website is being read by some of the greater populace of our state.   We have had an inquiry for membership from a wing rider in Emerald, a sign that we should not look at ‘confining’ our club to the ‘greater Brisbane’ area.   As our club was originally formed as an alternative to the GWRRA  (now AGA, an Australia Wide organisation) we should be looking to the future and welcoming members from all areas of the state.     Regardless of where our members live, the core of the club will obviously be centered  around the south east corner of  Queensland,  but that should not restrict in any way where our members come from, nor should we be dictating boundary lines for membership.   There are only a certain amount of Wing riders within the state and we should be endeavouring to recruit as many of them as possible into the club.   New blood means new ideas, more ride alternatives, more friendships etc.   The alternative is to encourage the formation of ‘Branch’ clubs or chapters under the AWRA that act independently (similar to Ulysses)  and arrange an annual get together.    Think about it!  




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The President Speaks……                                 


Looks like I'm back for another year.  What a great AGM.  Real elections, real and open discussion, almost every member present at the meeting, great dinner provided by Evan and Gayle as usual.  Shame Sunday was Mother's Day which split the ride up a bit but that has been resolved for next year with the dates being set for the weekend of 15/16 May 2004.  The venue will be discussed over the next few meetings.

Congratulations to the new committee and welcome to the new and returning faces.  I look forward to the next 12 months and intend to make the role of the committee a bit more active.  In particular, to resolve the issue of the association structure and to better sort the venue issues for the AGM and Christmas Parties.

Over the next couple of months I intend to develop a "New member kit" which I hope will go some of the way toward having better informed members, better understanding of what we do and why we do it.  I see this as containing things such as the roles of the committee members, our ride policies, expectations of members, the association constitution and I am open to suggestions for anything else you may think should be included.

Thanks to Turbo for his offer to provide some rider training to members.  I look forward to that as I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone can always learn something new or able to be reminded of something that they realise they knew all along but have forgotten.

A new year, a new beginning and let's all look forward to it.

Keep the shiny side up,




Where will we go?


Where do we go for our Christmas Party and AGM?  This would have to be the most discussed issue in the group.  At the AGM, no decision was made a venue for next year's AGM as it was agreed to make the decision at a later date to allow all members the opportunity to offer suggestions.

Although the AGM decision was not to make the AGM another meeting at the usual venue on a similar night, this does not preclude the meeting being held in Brisbane or anywhere else.

Any member may propose an option for the venue for either occasion.  In an effort to get an agreed position, I intend that the committee look at the various options offered and make a recommendation to the members based on the suggestions.  If you have a suggestion, contact one of the committee and give them the following information:

Which event:     Christmas Party or 2004 AGM

Where:             where it is proposed to hold the actual event

When:              proposed date if for the Christmas party

What:               describe the actual proposal, what the venue provides, what members can expect, what sort of accommodation is available if required, proposed times for event, associated rides and so on.

Why:                why should the event be as described.

If the committee does not get any suggestions then it may just make a decision.

It would make sense if a similar process was put in place prior to the AGM.  This would allow a recommendation to be made in a considered manner and avoid decisions made in the heat of the moment.  The AGM could then decide the next year's events and should reduce the current problems.

Start thinking and more information will be available at our next meeting.




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April Ride

It finally came around, what with cancellations, AGM etc. Even found a spare day to test drive it.

Up at 5.00am and weather not looking good.

First up got a call from Rob & Jane at Rosewood, pouring rain and won't be able to get out of their drive on their bike, let alone come on the ride. Guess where our first stop for smoko is.

Decided to do a ring around.  First Chris & Cheryl at Eagleby. "Looks like its breaking " said Chris.  OK see you there.  Ring Lionel & Mary "lets go and see what happens" says Lionel.

Oh well its our ride, better go in case someone does turn up.

Anyway we had made plans to meet Eric & Deb for brekky at Burpengary.  Got there to find them in the car, too wet, not going on ride.

Said goodbye to them and headed off to BP Regents Park.  Chris & Cheryl waiting, weather looks fair if you look in the right direction.  Next Lionel & Mary, then Bevan & Therese.  We wait till just after 8.30am for stragglers.  Surprise Surprise, we're all here.  Decided what the hell we will make a go of it.

Moving out into the unknown towards Jimboomba, no rain, not looking good but we seem to be just missing it at every turn.  Bypass Beaudesert into some nice sweeping and dry corners to Carlsen, up to Peaks Crossing, Harrisville, Warrel View, Merryvale onto Rosewood.

Just out of Rosewood it starts to come down.  We pull into the park for smoko and are met by Eric & Deb, Rob & Jane in the tin tops..  After a cup of tea a bit of cake and much merriment, I begrudgingly forced everyone back onto the saddle, we have miles to cover.  Up over the hill out of Rosewood towards Minden & believe it or not almost SUNSHINE.  What a great day for a ride. With much jockulation about ringing Eric & taking the rain gear off.

On to Lowood, Fernvale & on to Split Yard Creek around Wivenhoe Dam, down to Somerset & around the dam to Kilcoy & heading towards Woodford. Turning off at Cedarton then up to Maleny to refuel.  the bloke at the garage said we were the only bikes on the road. Parts of the Maleny road gave us the impression we were in heaven (riding through the clouds).  Up to Kenilworth for a much needed lunch.

After lunch it was back to Maleny through to Landsborough then down the highway heading for home.

Thanks to the weather & good friends along for the ride Annette and I had a very enjoyable day.  Hope everyone else did also.


Till next time




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Larry practicing for the ride?

Learning to Fly


“Tongue tied and twisted, just and earthbound misfit, I.”  Pink Floyd


Lucille was in such good condition when she first came into our home that I didn’t feel confident enough to test skills that I hadn’t used in many years.  I also found the dash area a bit daunting.  Besides, it’s been fun telling people who instantly assume that the bike belongs to Clint that the bike is actually mine and that Clint is my pilot.

Part of the reason for me getting the Yamaha 600 was to dust off the riding skills.  I’ve been riding almost every day since mid February.

So on our recent holiday to Melbourne there was some discussion about me having a go at riding Lucille.  It wasn’t until we left Wagga Wagga that we decided that this was a good piece of road to try me out.

We pulled over a little out of Wagga.  I thought that I might have a practice take off without Clint but he had such a pleading look of ”Don’t leave me behind” that I couldn’t leave him by the roadside, even for a short distance.

Clint climbed into the pillion seat and I proceeded to bring the bike up off the centre stand.  As I was trying to find the balance of the bike, Clint was also bringing the bike up off the centre stand.  The effect was that both our motions put the bike in a lean to the right.  So I corrected to the left.  So did Clint.  I went to put my left foot down to start again and Clint’s foot was already on the ground under mine.

After a few words of instruction on how to be a pillion, we managed to wobble our way down the road gaining speed and so steadying ourselves.

We rode for approximately one hundred kilometers, negotiating the town of Temora.  They have roundabouts and angle parking in the main street.  Cruising through town in first gear, I prayed that no one would pull out on me and make me stop the bike.

Once back in highway mode, I tried using the cruise control as I was finding the return spring on the throttle was a bit too strong for me.  It’s a weird sensation – where I would normally throttle off a little before entering a corner, the bike maintained speed.  I got used to it though – saved a lot of wear and tear on my wrist.

We decided that before we get to West Wyalong that I should have a few practice stops and starts.  We managed one stop.  Stopped for a cup of tea beside the road and I surrendered the controls to Clint.  I figured that although I was coping with this deep end training, I would like to have the opportunity of riding by myself before having Clint back as a pillion.

The next weekend, we took both bikes out and found a quiet industrial estate with lots of roundabouts and wide streets for me to have a practice.  Clint was on the Yamaha and was buzzing around while I found that I could stop and start satisfactorily.  From here we decided to go onto the Gateway Motorway and head south.  We pulled into BP Yatala for a coffee and from here went for a run to Jacobs Well.  Now there’s a track that’s got a few corners.  Clint was in his element flipping the little bike into the corners.  I, on the other hand was being very sedate as we now had a strong cross wind.  Just to make a circuit, we came back via Pimpama and onto the highway.

Clint wanted more cornering fun so he headed back by via Mt Cotton Road and I stayed with the highway.  Both bikes needed refueling so we met up again at our local servo.



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1.                   Who’s first secret diary was written when he was 13 ¾.?.

2.                   What is the name of Dame Edna  Everage’s long  suffering bridesmaid?

3.                   What organs of the body regulate the amount of water in the blood and help remove waste?

4.                   What Irish stout is said to be ‘good for you’.?

5.                   Who developed his theory of gravity after an apple fell on his head?

6.                   What is the name of the cat that chases Tweety?

7.                   Who solves the crime in Death on the Nile?

8.                   What carbonated liquid containing quinine is used as a mixer in alcoholic drinks?

9.                  What is an ‘ostler’?

10.              In Greek myth what is ‘Elysium’?                                      Answers


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2003 Annual General Meeting

Originally the AWRA 2003 AGM was to be organised by a couple of members to be held at Woodgate, near Bundaberg, a compromise location for our far flung membership.  A couple of weeks before the AGM it was realised that the organisers had not renewed their membership and no arrangements had been made.  At a meeting it was decided to not go to Woodgate but have the AGM a little closer to home.  The same venue as the previous year, was suggested and agreed upon.  Easy – NOT.

It was discovered the venue, Crows Nest Caravan Park, was booked out for the desired May long weekend and with no general consensus possible, a few committee members made an “email decision” to move the date to the following weekend.  Naturally, it clashed with a few members’ commitments as well as Mothers Day.

Even so, a large percentage of members turned up, some having to leave early to attend to previous engagements.  It is wonderful to see people care enough about our club to travel two hours plus, there then back in one evening, just to make sure they are involved.

Charleen and I have family in Crows Nest, so we rode up early Saturday and missed the ride from Gailes with the majority of the members.  Apparently is was eventful and caused much discussion in relation to our group riding style.

The accommodation at Crows Nest Caravan Park is mostly cabins, which are always clean and neat, thanks to proprietors Evan and Gayle.

Chris does the honours

Bevan, back in the Chair

It certainly was a lively meeting.  A new committee was elected.  We even had to vote for one position!  Then discussion continued while we attempted to iron out some wrinkles.  Sadly, Lionel and Mary and John and Anne had to leave early due to their commitments.

The rest of us finished off the meeting just in time for a wonderful meal provided by Evan and Gayle.  Festivities continued until our usual late night hour.  Both Brent and Eddie were not staying overnight and so rode home through the night.

Next morning, we were up bright and early and ready for another great breakfast from our hosts.  This was followed by all the available machines lining up for the obligatory photographs.  With a few of the colours absent, the GoldWing line-up was dominated by the mighty Reds, followed closely by the Grays, with one Valkyrie standing proud in the middle and a trike and Zephyr adding to the numbers.

Bike Lineup


It being Mothers Day, most went their own ways to visit families.  Three of us tackled the demanding Mt Glorious run, one of my favourite rides, but apparently not everyone’s cup of tea.  We had coffee at the Mt Glorious café then down the eastern side and home via Samford.

Charleen and I enjoyed our weekend-with-a-purpose.  We look forward to having the freedom of choice to have the AGM at a variety of venues to suit the circumstances.


All the Women

All the Men


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Answers to this month’s Quiz :

1.      Adrian Mole                             2.       Madge Allsop

3.      The kidneys                            4.       Guinness

5.      Sir Isaac Newton                    6.       Sylvester

7.      Hercule Poirot                        8.       Tonic water

9.      Stableman at an Inn               10.     Abode of the blessed after death

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New location - 65 Jalomy St.  Boondall   Qld  4034


Please ring for an appointment

As this is a private residence - NO cold calls at premises please.

Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Incorporated

Ride / Social Calendar



Ride / Social Event Details


18th May

Rudd’s Pub

Meet BP Blacksoil (on left, westbound, Toowoomba Hwy, Blacksoil) at 8.30am for 9.00am Departure.
Bring morning tea, buy lunch at destination.
Tea and coffee at Turbo & Wendy's at finish.

Turbo & Wendy

24th May

Sam’s on Sutton

Meet at Sam’s on Suttons, Marine Parade, Redcliffe at 6.30pm for a fish & chips dinner.  Afterwards a ride to somewhere for ice creams.

We’ll do take-aways and dine in the park, so BYO drinks.

Clint & Charleen

14th & 15th June

1st Aid course

Humanities Building
South Street

2 day, recognised First Aid Course at Red Cross rooms, Ipswich. The cost is $120.00 per person, which will be subsidised by the Ulysses Club to 50% for members. There will be a social dinner at Tomato’s Italian Restaurant on Saturday night, whether or not you come to the course. Notify Turbo or Wendy for bookings.

Turbo & Wendy

21st June





20th July


Breakfast at Eric & - Debbie’s Burpengary – 8.30am - ?

Lunch at Andy & Donna’s – Yamanto

Afternoon Tea at Lionel & Mary’s - Boondall


26th July




17 August




23rd August




21st September




Night Ride
27th September


For Pizzas

Turbo & Wendy

SOCIAL COORDINATOR – Wendy Beddows - Ph. 3812 4166

**RIDE ORGANISERS: Please check the details of your ride and let me know of any changes



It is the personal responsibility of each motorcyclist to be responsible for at least the following:

Ø       The roadworthiness of their vehicle, (including trailer)

Ø       That they are in a fit condition to control the vehicle, (including trailer)

Ø       That they obey the traffic rules and ride in a safe manner

Ø       That they ride in a considerate manner that does not endanger, or unnecessarily inconvenience other road users

Ø       To be correctly attired for safe motorcycling



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A few Snapshots from the 2003 AGM

 May Meeting Minutes (Members only)


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