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Meetings normally held 1st Monday of every month.


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4th August 2003

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Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club

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Wing Notes

July   2003



EDITOR:.............Clint Lovell

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WING NOTES is produced with the object of keeping members informed about matters of interest to AWRA

members.  A copy of each issue is sent to every financial member of the AWRA.  Copies are also distributed to selected motorcycle dealers in the greater Brisbane area.


Submissions for inclusion in WING NOTES should be with the Editor no later than the Friday following the monthly meeting, i.e.: Friday after the 1st Monday of the month.


DISCLAIMER:    Although WING NOTES will endeavour to reproduce submissions in their original form it reserves the right to edit submissions as it sees fit.  Views expressed in contributed articles in WING NOTES are not  necessarily those of the AWRA or the Editor.   WING NOTES is produced with care, in good faith and from sources  believed to be accurate at the time of writing.






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Ø The Editor Writes & The Secretary Notes
Ø The President Speaks
Ø Ride Report – Townsville Odyssey
Ø Ride Report - June Ride
Ø Ride Report – June Night Run
Ø Pre-ride Briefing
Ø Ride/Social Calendar
Ø Meeting Minutes (Members Only)

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The Editor Writes…..

Hi All

Not a great deal in the Mag this month.  Mostly as we have only had a couple of social rides. (See Turbo’s story)

I would really like to see some technical type articles in the mag as well.  Ways to improve the bikes or maintenance tips.  We are all here to share what we know and help each other out. 

You will (maybe) notice that the Test Your Knowledge quiz is missing.  The questions and answers for the quiz were always supplied by our past mag editor and secretary, Brent.   As he doesn’t participate in the committee any more the quiz has fallen by the wayside.   Any contributions from other members will be most welcome.


Contributions for this magazine can be emailed to or posted to 47 Breslin St, Carina, Qld 4152.  Photos and slides can be scanned and returned.


             The Secretary Notes…..


Everyone please say hello to our new secretary Val Thomas.  She is still in changeover mode, only having decided to take on this daunting task at the last meeting, stepping into the well worn shoes of Brent.  

Watch here for her first report next month.


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The President Speaks……                                 


This month sees the Association enter a new era following the resignation of Brent from the position of Secretary.  Brent was instrumental in the development of our constitution and establishment and incorporation of the Association.  He was the founding Secretary and has continued in that position until now.


As President, I have been very appreciative of Brent’s skills and dedication to the role and the way that, rather than tying up loose ends, there never seemed to be any loose ends to worry about.  The paperwork was always done, things were arranged and followed up etc.  I will miss those skills and attention to detail and I’m sure the Association will miss them also.


I wish Brent all the best in his new venture and I hope that before the Goldwing disappears into the hands of some lucky new owner, Brent gets the opportunity to join us for one more ride.


Welcome to Val.  I am sure she will take up the Secretary’s role and perform it with the same enthusiasm that she puts into their business and her participation in our rides and events.  It will be great to have Val on the committee and I’m sure she will bring a different slant to the way we do things.


Elsewhere in the magazine, I have included an article about the Leyburn sprints from the RACQ Road Ahead magazine.  I have been meaning to go along for a number of years now but it keeps slipping my mind, and then I realise I’ve missed them.  I thought it might be an opportunity to see if others were interested in an additional ride on the Sunday.  Have a think, we’ll talk about it next meeting.


Keep the shiny side up,




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New location - 65 Jalomy St.  Boondall   Qld  4034


Please ring for an appointment

As this is a private residence - NO cold calls at premises please.



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The Townsville Odyssey

To quote the saying “We’re here for a good time, not a long time” would be an appropriate way to start this letter.

As Lionel and I could only take one day off work without pay, we left for Townsville on Thursday afternoon after work at 3.45 p.m., rode to the Odyssey, had a great time and rode back to Brisbane to arrive Monday afternoon at approximately the same time as we had left, only four days later.

We were actually in Townsville for just six hours short of two whole days, so that means we took two days and six hours to travel 2720 kilometers and sleep and eat on the way.

After reading those facts and figures, you might agree that it was really making the most of those four days and the quote fits.

We traveled up with Peter Goodsir and Larry and Annette, all of us on Goldwings and all either happy to set the pace or keep up. Luckily we had a problem free trip and the weather was great, only a little cool early mornings and late afternoons.

The Townsville organisers for the Odyssey should be proud of a job well done, because they seem to have thought of every thing. The venue was good, the food at the dinner was plentiful and tasty, the shirts and the badges were popular (lots of people remarked on the Queensland shape of the badge ) and having the Rising Sun Honda dealer giving test rides made it like a mini A.G.M. Those who camped seemed happy with the facilities and everywhere there were people chatting and having a good time. I believe the organised rides were good but we couldn’t take advantage of these with our tight schedule. We did ride to the top of Castle Hill lookout and then to Mount Stewart to get another superb view of Townsville on Saturday morning. Both of these lookouts had twisty roads up to them, just like all motorcyclists love. We also caught up with Lionel’s brother from Cairns who came down to see us, so that was an added bonus.

I forgot to mention the ride along the glorious Townsville Strand on Sunday morning went without a hitch. Larry and Annette left for home with us straight after the parade and lucky Peter was going on up to Cairns.    Mary J


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June Ride – First Aid Course

Assassinate a run ? Who,  me?  Never!  Oops.

I did it again. This time I got the dates mixed up . One of these days we’ll get it right.

The weekend went really well, such as the non event that it was.

Friday, David realised that he had lessons booked for Saturday, so we decided to ring my sister and let her know David would not be doing the course.

What course ? The one booked for NEXT weekend? Oh--- OH . After about 30 frantic phone calls on Friday night, and one at 6 am. the next morning, [sorry guys], we finally let everyone know about the mix up. Everyone was still eager to go to Tomato Brothers for tea, so it was arranged to meet there at 6 pm.

We had a really good turnout for the night, Twenty people, 7 Wings and 2 cars. It was good to see so many brave the cold, including Andy and Donna.  The food was great , the company even better and a good night was had by all. After the meal some of us decided to go back to our place for coffee, while others with a longer way to travel headed home. Our driveway looked good for a while with 5 Wings parked on it.

Thanks for the understanding, and I promise to keep trying. Who knows , maybe someday I’ll get it right.

Wendy and Turbo.


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Social Ride June

We arrived bang on time at the Stapylton BP to find most were already there and already getting into the coffees.  We ordered one and sat down while a few stragglers turned up.

Away at last and as usual the awesome sight of a big line up of wings cruising down the M1.   Somebody had closed down our original destination, and no real decision had still been made as to where we were eating so we pulled up at a car park near a big hotel complex on the Broadwater.

While we were all still humming and haring, Chris made up our minds by disappearing into a nearby fish and chippery.

Good Idea.

We all went in and ordered just in time before they closed.  Everyone sat down outside on this balmy winter’s evening and tucked in.

Mmmmmmm – fish and chips.

All eaten, it was time to ride somewhere for coffee and a nearby shopping centre was chosen.

We crowded out the coffee shop and took over a big set of tables and chairs next door.

In the car park again, Deb discovered she had lost a small silver charm off her bracelet.  Some needed to head home and a few others went back to the fish and chip shop to look - without much hope as when we were leaving they were hosing the area down.   A quick look around with some makeshift torches and it was found !!  Amazing.

Then we all followed Val and Thommo up to Hope Island for a little cruise through the complex, then up to Wongawallen Heights to admire the view.

The band was getting smaller all the time so we headed home after a very pleasant – if cool – night out on the ‘Wings.

Clint and Charleen

All gathered at Stapylton

Mary C

Bill C

Lionel and Mary





At the lookout


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Good Timing

Every August, Queensland relives a slice of motoring history.


Story by Danielle Lancaster


Burning rubber and the sound of revving engines permeate the quiet country ambience of Leyburn, Queensland, as historical sprint cars prepare to take the line in the next timed run.  The Leyburn Sprints, on August 23 and 24, will see some 170 historic, classic and sports cars, and possibly historical bikes compete around the town's streets.  Now in their 8th year, the Leyburn Sprints were originally held to commemorate when Queensland first hosted the Australian Grand Prix (in Leyburn) in 1949.  That year, John Crouch took the chequered flag in his Delahaye racing car.


The 1000 m street circuit runs through the town. The faster cars reach speeds of more than 160 km/h on the two straights. Four right angle turns and two chicanes keep drivers busy and spectators entertained.  There are grandstands but take a hat or umbrella, as there isn't much shade. Spectators can walk through the pits and paddock area where competing vehicles are on display.

The vehicles range from pre‑war specials to souped‑up Pontiacs, Falcons and Monaros. Drivers are anywhere from 17 to 70 years old.  Race director Mike Collins said the event lured competitors and spectators from as far as Victoria.  "One of the good things about the weekend is that there is more than just racing," Mr Collins said.  The locals put on a market of regional produce and wares. Others travel to the town to display racing paraphernalia and collectors' items. Saturday night is our race party, with a band in the main street."



Another page of history unfolds with a visit to the nearby monument in recognition of the 21st and 23rd Liberator Bomber Squadrons, the famous 'Z Force' stationed at Leyburn during WWII.


For the people of Leyburn, it's their spot in the limelight. Their little town swells to more than 15,000 people who attend the two days of competition and celebrations.  Accommodation is limited. There is a B&B on the outskirts of town, the hotel has two rooms, (often booked well in advance) with share bathroom. Caravanners and campers can camp by Canal Creek, where toilets, hot showers, sheltered tables and BBQs are available, for the cost of a donation.




Leyburn is about 70 km south‑west of Toowoomba or north‑west of Warwick. Tourism Queensland's Sprint Route tourist drive is a 118 km loop starting and finishing in Warwick. Aside from Leyburn, the drive takes in the Leslie Dam, country pubs and old gold mining areas.


‑ Check out the online road travel planner under 'travel' at RACQ's website,, to help plan your trip to the region.


* For people attending the Sprints, car parking is available at designated areas close to the action. For information about the event, phone the race director on 4695 9101.


·         Food and refreshments are available. Entry costs $10 for adults. Children under 14 are free.


Reprinted from the RACQ Road Ahead magazine


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Pre-ride Briefing Points


The idea was to identify the ten most important things for briefings before we head off on a ride.  Last month we compiled a list of 13 points and everyone at the July meeting prioritised that list.  I have collated the voting result below and have listed all 13 points.


I have included all 13 because there were some comments on the voting sheets that suggested that all points were important.  Other vote sheets grouped some points so that all points were included in their top ten.


For future ride leaders, here is the list and their importance to participants.



Pre-ride briefing point



Introduce self as leader, and which motorcycle



Introduce Tail-end Charlie, by name and which motorcycle



Remind everyone that we are not sheep so avoid the herd mentality; ride for yourself, don't blindly follow the motorcycle in front



Remind everyone that normal road rules, spacing and speeds apply



Remind everyone of the importance of maintaining a view of the rider behind you



Nominate destination/lunch stop and time



When overtaking, allow room for the following bikes to re-enter the lane



Remind everyone of the importance of keeping up with the rider in front



Advise on any special road conditions



Nominate way-points for fuel, smoko etc



Remind everyone that staggered formation is to give additional safety, not to reduce length of train



Do not hold up other vehicles by maintaining speeds lower than the surrounding traffic



Remind everyone to be prompt in preparation after breaks




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Q:   At an intersection with a red light camera, what happens if you drive over the white stop line, but do not proceed through the intersection?

A:   Legislation states that you are required to stop as near as possible to but before reaching the white stop line.  If you cross the white stop line after the traffic light has turned red then you commit a breach of the legislation.

Info supplied by Turbo and Wendy








20th July

Progressive Meals

Breakfast at Eric & Debbie’s - Narangba 8.30 am

Southsiders can meet at Gateway Plaza 7.45am
Morning tea at Andy & Donna’s - Yamanto

Lunch at Lionel & Mary's - Boondall

{(Eric &Debbie’s Map77 ref P6) take left driveway}

Lionel & Mary


26th July


Meet Stapylton Plaza 6.15pm for 6.30 - 6.45pm tea at Nando’s. Cost between $13.50- $15.00 per person.
Our hosts Forbes & Sheena Polock

Bevan & Therese


17th August


Leaves BP Caboolture North at 8.30 am
for ride to Kilcoy-Yarraman district. Finishes at Blacksoil.

Clint & Charleen


23rd August


Chinese at Nth Gardens Restaurant, Burpengary.

Meet BP Caboolture North 6.00pm for 6.30 leave.

Cost approx $24.00 head for 4 course meal.

Eric & Debbie

Special Interest

23-24th August


Leyburn Sprints. Meet at BP Blacksoil Outbound 8.00am for 8.30 start. Entry$10.00 per head. Route via Toowoomba and Cambooya to Leyburn and return to Blacksoil about 4.00pm via Heifer Creek. 320klms.


Shepherd C & C out of Qld

30th August

Around Australia

Clint & Charleen depart on their 14,000km journey around Highway 1
Join them on the first day, ride to morning tea/lunch and return without them

Clint & Charleen


21st  September


Winery tour Nanango area



Night Ride

27th September


Meet at BP Blacksoil
Travel to Laidley for Pizzas

Turbo & Wendy


19th October

Gympie Point

Brisbane, Gympie, Goomeri for lunch,
home via Nanango

Eric & Debbie


25th October

Wellington Point

Café ride to Wellington Point for tea
Meet at Caltex Loganholme Time TBA

Bevan & Therese


 July Meeting Minutes (Members only)