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October 2003







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3rd November 2003

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Wing Notes


October      2003



EDITOR:.............Clint Lovell

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WING NOTES is produced with the object of keeping members informed about matters of interest to AWRA

members.  A copy of each issue is sent to every financial member of the AWRA.  Copies are also distributed to selected motorcycle dealers in the greater Brisbane area.


Submissions for inclusion in WING NOTES should be with the Editor no later than the Friday following the monthly meeting, i.e.: Friday after the 1st Monday of the month.


DISCLAIMER:    Although WING NOTES will endeavour to reproduce submissions in their original form it reserves the right to edit submissions as it sees fit.  Views expressed in contributed articles in WING NOTES are not necessarily those of the AWRA or the Editor.  WING NOTES is produced with care, in good faith and from sources believed to be accurate at the time of writing.


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The Editor Writes…..

Hello All

Well, this is a small version of what I was promised.  I generally like to get the magazine done the weekend after the monthly meeting.  That way it can be printed and collated and posted early the next week so it will arrive in the post boxes of those of us who don’t have (or have problems using) the internet.  The ride is the following weekend and we all want to know at least where to meet.  For this to be done I need to have all promised articles BEFORE the weekend so I have some idea of how it can be put together.



This month I was let down by almost everyone.  Thanks must go to Eric and Deb for getting the photos to me on time, and Bevan and the Harriss’s for their contributions. They were late but got here.

Some promised articles have not arrived at all.

I realize we all have busy lives and work takes up way too much of our precious time, but a little thoughtfulness and assistance would really be appreciated here.

Contributions for this magazine can be emailed to or posted to 47 Breslin St, Carina, Qld 4152.  Photos and slides can be scanned and returned.







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The President Speaks……                                     


I've struggled this week to come up with some issue to discuss and here it is Sunday, and I haven't sent anything off to Clint.  Better make it short and snappy.


Bathurst 1000 race build-up had a lot about the compromises drivers have to make when they share a car.  Each is a different size and has different style of driving.  Like our group really, always needing to accommodate the needs and desires of others to keep the whole thing moving along smoothly.


Good to see a new member along last meeting.  It's just a shame that it has taken him so long to find us.  We may need to think of new ideas of how we can communicate with dealers and ensure that their sales people are aware of us.  Our current process sees us putting magazines in the dealership, and in the case of the dealer concerned, the magazines are on the parts/accessories counter, yet they tell the buyers there is no club.


Both local dealers have also been advised of our offer to Goldwing buyers referred to us at the time of purchase, will be given a free membership, yet this message does not appear to be getting through.  All ideas will be welcomed.


Ride safe and keep the shiny side up.




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New location - 65 Jalomy St.  Boondall   Qld  4034


Please ring for an appointment

As this is a private residence - NO cold calls at premises please.


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Mapleton Motorcycle Show

The 14th September saw a number of us meet at the BP Caboolture North to head for the Mapleton Motorcycle Show.  I write this almost a month after the event so I can't remember exactly how many members came along but there were at least 8 bikes in the line.  One participant was Mal who just happened to be in the servo to collect the Sunday paper.  Seeing us there, he thought he'd join the ride.

8:30am saw us heading north to Landsborough then up the range to Montville where we took a short break to look out over the coast and watch the bikes passing on their way to Mapleton.


Back on the road and into Mapleton where there are already many bikes.  We parked our bikes ready for a wander and next thing, out of Turbo's trunk comes a handful of for sale signs for just about everything he owns, and these are spread across the windscreen of the 'wing.  Must have done something as the 'wing was sold not long after.



Not a lot of bikes on show early so a wander through the parking lot was the go to admire the variety of standard, weird and wonderful machinery.  I used the opportunity to distribute club business cards to every 'wing and Valk I could find.  At least one phone call has resulted.  By almost lunch time there were a few more bikes in the actual show ring.  These were inspected and a decision made to head off for lunch.


The group broke up at this point with Mal deciding he should head home to Tina and Dave having an afternoon party to attend they headed off back down the highway while the rest of us headed off over the range to Woodford for lunch.  Lunch was enjoyable except we were at the "Pub with no Gravy" so the pies and chips were a bit drier than preferred.  Turbo kept everyone entertained by sending Clint and Charleen "Are we there yet?" text messages.

After lunch, it was home via Somerset Dam for the westsiders while the rest of us headed home over Mt Mee.  By the way, Mal never did get the paper.




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Dri-Rider Jacket

Big thick one – Red/Black

Size XXL   $160

Kuryakin Towbar for GL 1500

Originally $400 selling for $250

Contact Eddie on 3394 3687 or 04 0832 6636





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Around Australia Ride

The full details of this epic ride can be viewed by clicking here, but here are some statistics from the ride
Total Kms - 15,112  in 26 days with 2 rest days
Average per day - 629 (not counting the 2 rest days)
Longest day 973 - shortest 175
Cost of fuel - $1,140.12
Total fuel used 1095 litres
Average Price per litre 104.4 cents
Number of fuel stops - 67
Most Expensive 130.1 cents/litre at Cocklebiddy on the Nullarbor
Cheapest 75.9 cents at our local Shell Cannon Hill
Fuel economy 7.2 litres/100km (14k/litre or 38mpg)
Cost per kilometre 8 cents
Food / Laundry / Internet - $1,400 on a strict budget of $50 per day. (Overdid it in Darwin)
Motels - $1,664.70 (five days free with family/friends)
Bike costs - $599.70 for service, rear tyre and rear brake pads in Perth.
Donation to NSW Government Revenue - $127.00
Total - $4,931.52

Some closing thoughts.

Would we do it again?  No.  We've done it.  We'll look for another challenge.  Definitely re-visit some bits.

Was it worth it?  As an achievement, I think so.  Purely as a ride, it has lots of long stretches between some really good roads.

Would we recommend it for others?  Not sure here.  You have to like riding.  I mean REALLY like riding.  If you haven't been to a lot of the places before (like we have) it would probably be better to take a lot more time and a lot more detours off the highway.

Which way around is best, clockwise or anti?  Depends on the time of year.  In springtime it might have been better to go anti-clockwise and do the hot bits in the north a bit closer to winter.  In autumn, clockwise would be the go.  Winter is good up north and summer is good down south but the reverse would not be worth considering.  Due to the heat and monsoonal rains and flooding, the north is a definite no-go from December to February and you would need really good cold and wet weather gear to do the south in June-July.

What's next?  Well, we really should experience a Ulysses AGM or two and Tassie beckons.  Then there's all those other countries.  Imagine hiring a Goldwing and crossing the USA.   Ideas are forming..............................................

Clint and Charleen Lovell
We've been around.




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The Bear’s Necessities

Tech Tips for the GoldWing from Rob Harriss




Firstly it is best, in my opinion, to have your battery tested for condition and load, by an approved battery center or your local bike mechanic. It also pays to have your alternator tested for charging at the same time (this should be done in service). You can test your ‘Electrolyte’ (water & acid mix) through the side of your battery - sometimes you may have to take the battery out to check it.


If a battery becomes ‘open circuit’ the poor alternator is no longer regulated and it is capable of charging a large amperage (overcharge) and in a very short time alternator will fail - when the alternator fails you get approximately eight kms before you have to push your wing off the road.  Believe me not good on a hot day, and of course you cannot take off  your helmet (in case you’re recognised) because “Wings don’t break down”.






One Ride Day we were heading home and noticed a rattle under the front of the wing somewhere. Once home it still took a while to find.  Turned out to be something that could have been very nasty.  There is a metal plate that joins the two halves of the front guard, its held in with four bolts.  When the bolts become loose and fall out the piece of metal could get caught on the front tyre - smash the guard and lock the wheel etc.....

TO CHECK THE BOLTS - Remove the front guard upper cover by prying out plastic caps and undo bolts with appropriate Allan key (in wing tool kit), then you’ll see the four bolts that hold the metal plate.  You won’t see the metal plate as it’s on the underside of the front guard.  Make sure bolts are tight (another Allan key in kit).  Then put it all back together. 

**note**I like to use Loctite (lock thread) on threads before replacing bolts.




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