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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

AWRA Victoria Ride to Euroa August 21 2011

Well, we were blessed with another perfect Melbourne winter's day (yes, we do get them). Predicted 19 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

 We met at Macca's in Croydon and enjoyed a hot drink before we left. Today we had John and Marg Brak, John and Karen Gilbert (with Karen bringing her scooter along for a run) and myself.

The plan was for a round about way through some good back roads to Yea for Morning Tea, however Lindsay had let me know he would meet us at Yea so we made straight for there along the Melba Highway (a road most of us have done many times).

 A fairly easy ride to Yea, apart from the fog and mist half way along which saw the temperature drop considerably. Lindsay was already there, and we spent some time admiring his new 1800 (and wondering if there was any practical spot left to put any more chrome....).

 After Morning Tea we took one of my favourite roads. Heading west from Yea a few k's we turned off on the Ghin Ghin road and headed for Highlands. As the name suggests it is fairly high and we soon got above the mist and all enjoyed the sun on us. This is a great climb and a road usually with fairly minimal traffic. It is a nice mix of treed roadsides and open paddocks, rolling hills. Always a nice scenic ride.

After Terip Terip (yes they like their double named places up here) we headed for Euroa through Creightons Creek. This part is not my favourite bit of road as it needs some work, and it is narrow for a fair part of it (it also unfortunately carries more traffic).

Fairly uneventful ride until we got to the end of the road where you turn to cross the Hume Freeway. There was a guy in a 4wd with a trailer doing a u turn as we came around the bend, and John B and I had to swerve and brake to miss him.

5 minutes later we were parked at Euroa and ordering our lunch from the bakery. A great day to sit outside and enjoy lunch with good company.

After lunch we headed for Benalla where we refuelled then on to the Midland Highway. This took us past Lake Nillacootie which has been full for some time, then on to Bonnie Doon (yes the holiday place from The Castle movie) to ride across Lake Eildon. 4 years ago the lake was at 5% and it has been pretty low for 15 plus years. It's current 94% level had us all remarking that the water covered land we never remembered it going over. Well, it has been a long time since any of us saw this. Very pleasing to see - and great to see a few boats out on the lake already enjoying the day.

We continued on back to Yea for our afternoon coffee stop. Our morning coffee shop had just put the cleaning agent through the coffee machine so we agreed it would be preferable to find somewhere else. Yea is a strong tourist town so never any problem getting a coffee somewhere.

After our coffee we said our farewells with most of us heading down the Melba Highway and Lindsay heading over for the Hume Freeway.

Another great ride enjoyed by all.