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Maleny 2002

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Charleen and Clint

What's for lunch?


Wed had perfect weather the week before on a final run through the route, but it was a bit threatening on this morning.

Oh well, it is Winter so on with our warmest outfits and pack the wets.  Its our run so at least we have to be there.

A few of us southsiders met at the Gateway Bridge and had a pleasant ride up the highway to BP Caboolture.

Fuel up and in for coffee.  There to greet us were Larry and Annette, but without bike.  It seems the alternator had died on another trip, but thats another story.

Bang on time we all got away, Larry and Annette waving a tearful goodbye.

Our group consisted of 5 Goldwings, one Kawasaki Vulcan, a Yamaha 1400 and a BMW K1200LT.

The idea was to travel as far as Eumundi without using the Bruce Highway, then return via the ridge tops.

Through Caboolture we were a bit slow through the usual Sunday Market traffic, then off we went, via Elimbah, Beerburrum, Beerwah to Landsborough via the old highway, then over a nice twisty bit with off-camber corners to Mooloolah.  Through Eudlo, Palmwoods and Woombye (where we were able to wave at Paul and Sue on the BMW at the back of the line).  We were soon through Nambour and on to Yandina for morning tea.

Everyone had kept up well and we didnt lose a single bike through all the changes of direction.

One little problem is you sure cant please everyone.  Although no one made definite complaints, one person mentioned we were traveling a bit too fast and another that we were going to slow!!!  As no one else mentioned speed, I figured Id averaged well.

Sadly, Danielle, the passenger on the Kawasaki with Peter, was suffering motion sickness and so they left us and made their way home.

Leading this time, Charleen and I were unable to take any photos of the riding, so we gave the camera to Mary with detailed instructions on how to use it.  Naturally, it wasnt easy for her and the road didnt allow too much side by side riding, but she got a few good shots over Lionels shoulder.

Seven bikes headed on up to Eumundi where we crossed the highway twice and turn west toward Kenilworth.  Its a good ride through here and the weather was staying nice and warm, in fact turning out to be the hottest recorded June day since 1918.  Luckily we were heading up into the hills.

After Kenilworth the road goes over a hill, with the road up being a lovely series of 40kph bends on new smooth bitumen.  Crank her over and clip the apexes and its a great feeling.  Over the other side of the hill the road quickly changes to narrow and potholed, with gravel pulled onto the road on the corners.  The riding style changes dramatically.

Then it was through Conondale and up a nice smooth series of bends to the top of the Range.

We arrived for an early lunch at Maleny and all struggled out of our warm gear and raided the Red Dingo Caf for burgers, pizza and nachos.  Yum.

We spent a full hour and a half in Maleny, checking out the shops and markets and nervously watching rain clouds build up in the west.

Off again towards one of my favourite pieces of road, towards Woodford, where the last of the ridge tops is a series of 70kph corners that can easily be taken at the speed limit, then some fast twisties down the western side of the range.  Alas, it was not to be as the rain came driving in from the west slowing us considerably until we were nearly down on the flat.

It was dry down here, so I gave Lucille her head and left the group behind for a little while along the long straight open way to Woodford.  Then it was a gentle cruise through Woodford, DAguilar and Wamuran back to Caboolture and finishing at the Southbound BP for more coffee.

It wasnt a really long ride, only 250km, but as it was close to the shortest day of the year, everyone was happy to be finished early.