Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

October 2002 Night Ride

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What a great night. The ride was put together in a hurry with virtually no planning. One of those TBAs that had the TB but not the A.

Having said that, the members present at the immediately preceding club meeting decided that a night ride would be the order of the day / night?

The Black Dog Restaurant at Mooloolaba was chosen because of the great meal we had there earlier in the year.

This is a very popular restaurant, so we made a tentative booking for 20. They wanted definite numbers by Saturday morning so between Bevan and myself we did a ring around, and confirmed 15 attendees.

We set the meeting place for the southsiders at the Gateway Bridge to depart at 6pm, (5.45 for the Bradfords). We had four bikes meet there and at 6pm we set off for the second meeting place which was to be the Caboolture BP. After sitting all in a row at the Gateway Bridge for several minutes with our engines running trying to work out who would lead, I decided to lead off. I probably did not win the debate, but neither Mary nor I could hear the conversation, (no CB radio), so we just took off and the rest followed. It was great to see a new Phantom Silver Wing join us which made three at this point.

Not everyone knows the location of the Gateway Bridge or the Caboolture BP so we picked up one good looking couple near the airport turnoff, and another handsome pair in the bush at Boondall, and the six of us made our way to Caboolture.

On our arrival at Caboolture we were greeted by two more Phantom Silver Wings, and a red one which made nine bikes and 17 people. The greys finally outnumbered the red bikes and proved that the grey ones are best. We had some new people along as well and the way that they fitted in with our group just proves that we aren’t the only ones out there that are a couple of drops short of a keg. They were great company and I hope they return for more of the same.

What a great sight it was looking in the mirrors and seeing nine ‘Wings on a night ride. Actually I could only see eight because I couldn’t see mine in my mirrors unless I just stood on one peg, and Mary complains when I do that. The weather was perfect with a balmy 120 kilometre per hour breeze wafting over the windscreen. It was an exhilarating, if uneventful ride and we arrived at our parking spot at Mooloolaba at a bit after 7pm. This is definitely the weather for night rides.

We all enjoyed a fabulous meal at the restaurant, with a couple of the waiters asking why Brent was not there. They were heartbroken which shows what a hit he was with the wait staff last time.

With the meal over, we decided that an ice cream would be in store, and headed off to Noosa to find an ice cream parlour, (as you do). It was an excellent ride up the David Lowe Highway, and even at night those bends are fun on a bike. I guess they don’t get to see nine ‘Wings at once too many times in Noosa, and it caused some interest with the Nouveau Riche. It got to be a bit of a frenzy, and John mistook two mature ladies that were chatting him up for potential buyers and wasted a good sales pitch on them. Anne knew exactly what they wanted and saved the day.

The ice cream was good but the price set our goal of a new bike back a few months. That devoured, we set off for BP Caboolture South via Noosaville, Tewantin and Eumundi. With yours truly in the lead we charged off into the night full of food and good cheer.


The absolute high point of the night for me was when we were travelling behind Tewantin, with me in the lead without a clue where I was, and there emerging out of the darkness was something I recognised. I didn’t know where it was, but I immediately knew then that if we were to be lost, it would be in familiar surroundings. With new confidence I twisted the throttle a little more so the group behind would maintain their confidence in my leadership and navigational ability.

We moped on at such a leisurely pace that a few of the ladies nodded off and some had to have their belts passed through the hand grips, and one innovative person velcroed their shoes to the foot boards to stop from falling off. It was so casual that even Ray nodded off for a bit, and he was sitting in the riding position. When he woke up we were a fair way in front, and he had to do 140 to catch up. That will teach him to pay attention.

On arrival at Caboolture BP we discovered one of our troop was missing. They had stopped at the Moby Vic’s Mobil for fuel, and showed up a bit later. It was really educational actually, because when they caught up to us at the BP, they were so excited that they overshot the service station. It was inspirational to see a new world record being set for a Goldwing in reverse. Well Done.

With a gallon of coffee inside us, and matchsticks under our eyelids we headed off for home. Mary & I covered a tad under 300ks for the night and had a great time. Can’t wait for the next ride. Don’t miss out.


Bill & Mary Carter