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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

February Dinner Ride

Tewantin Ride?

At the last meeting there was talk about who should write the report on our rides.  Someone commented that they could write the report on the Tewantin ride on the night.  It only takes a little twist or turn or shower of rain to change everything.  So I myself would like to read these reports.

Because of the weather Annette did a ring around to get an idea of other peoples thoughts.  Mostly it was a case of we only had a few light showers today we may as well ride.  So decided not to cancel the booking for dinner.

Come 4.30pm Annette and another pillion decided they wouldn't go on the bikes but would follow by car.  Another couple also decided they would follow in their car instead of riding.

Something to do with wet weather gear...

Ready to brave the weather

I rode to the BP at Caboolture to meet the other hardy (maybe foolhardy) riders for a 5.30pm departure.  As I rode into the BP the skies opened up.  Two other bikes turned up followed by a couple on a brand new 1800.  A very wet pillion said she's not going any further in this weather.

Over a cup of coffee, it was decided to ride to our place and leave the bikes there, take our cars seeing as we were already there. (this was decided in 10 seconds)  This is where the ride ended.

From Caboolture it was a very uneventful drive to the Tewantin Royal Mail Hotel where we had a meal and chat.  We skipped the proposed ice cream stop at Coloundra as we couldn't fit any more in.  Drove back to our place for a coffee and more chatting.  After which the hardy mounted their steeds and rode home.

I will leave it to feedback as to whether it was a good night or not.



Lionel on his and Mary's new GL1800