Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

2004 AGM Ride

While the true ride was on Sunday after the AGM, it actually started on Saturday from the BP at Blacksoil.  Unfortunately, due to a late starting and finishing soccer game, there was no way I was going to make the start time.  I made a quick call to Wendy asking her to get the ride under way and that I would see everyone at Helidon.  By the time Therese and I arrived everyone else was settling down and had apparently enjoyed the ride and looking forward to the spa and the festivities.


Val and Thommo

The meeting was held in the restaurant, which provided one of the best venues we have had for our AGM.  I forget the actual numbers but memory tells me there was about 25 members present.  Down a bit on the last couple of years, but still a large proportion of the members.  With all committee members re-nominating for their positions and no other nominations, elections were over in no time.  The meeting was followed by a great meal, socialising then a late night trip to the spa.

The Meeting

The Dinner

The Diner

Sunday dawned with another spa for the keen ones before a great breakfast, some discussions on whether Turbo had actually gone to bed or spent the night in the spa and Rob was a Bear with a sore head.  After breakfast everyone had to line up for the obligatory photo.  This was a prolonged affair with the Helidon battery hoodoo raising its head again.  Gecko's battery had given up the ghost and Clint's battery just offered a protest at being made work all night while he slept.  Much pushing, shoving, encouraging words being spoken, a set of jumper leads and finally a phone call for help eventually saw all bikes lined up and inclusive of Eric's new quad bike, more commonly known as a wheelchair.

The Darlings

The Dudes

Following an animal photography session involving a donkey and a Bear, those actually going on the ride headed out to Gatton to refuel then onward via Atkinson Dam and numerous back country roads before rolling into Esk for smoko.  The wares of the local bakery were enjoyed by all.  Bill and Mary said their good-byes and headed back to the coast while the rest of us continued north then east on our way back to Mt Glorious.

The Donkey

The Digger

Plenty of bikes on the road, must have been a reflection of the beautiful weather.  Plenty of sports bikes on Mt Glorious as usual with the boys taking their usual care to ensure all other road users are left upset at motorcyclists in general by their general attitude toward safety and road rules.  This was borne out as we closed on the top of the mountain to see the damaged bike and the rider still lying on the side of the road.  Down the eastern side toward Samford meeting the ambulance on its way up to assist the fallen rider.

La Derrieres

By the time we got into Samford, time was getting away and some of the crew were looking to head home rather than continue on to Woodford for lunch.  A quick decision for a flexible ride and the Samford Hotel became the lunch venue.  A relaxing lunch and everyone headed their separate ways.

Another AGM over and we can look forward to next year or even the Christmas Party.

Ride safe


Riding Styles


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