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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Supper Ride 21 August 2009

Dinner at the Mongolian Sizzling BBQ Loganholme

Here we go with one of one of our wonderful stories.

Happy to see 2 couples waiting when we arrived at BP Stapleton, Geoff & Julie & Eric & Deb, well at least their keen, I thought... little did I know they just happened to have business down this way on the day.

We weren’t expecting many to show as we were being selfish by arranging our social on a Friday night instead of a Saturday, just so we could go dancing.

We didn’t have far to ride so we left a bit late, just in case of late comers’ (traffic , being Friday etc)... Lizzy & Wayne had already rang earlier to say they would be late.... After a short time a few other members turn up totalling 12.

Anyway, we start off with six bikes & riding just 10 minutes up the road to the Restaurant at Loganholme. Here waiting to greet us in the car was Lee, one of our new members who was eagerly waiting to join us, less a husband I might add.... She wasn’t going to miss out just because he had to work.

Once inside, settled & seated, Bill & Mary arrive followed shortly after by Lizzy & Wayne. Once again we did the table arranging thing as we do.... This was followed by a brief explanation of how it all works, which was, “fill your bowl with whatever you desired, top it up with oils of your liking & take it to the window”. You can watch the chef cook your dinner while you wait. The hint was to fill your bowls right up because when the food is cooked it condenses down... If you don’t, you have to go back a couple of times to get your fill, and they did....

It would appear Wayne’s eyes were too big for his belly or he put too much chilli on last bowl of food, as he was unable to finish off his last plate.... Not that I was checking mind ..... I’m sure he enjoyed what he did have. I hope everyone enjoyed the meal and got their fill........ I thought it was healthy & different.

A few ventured out & had sweets. Fried bananas & ice-cream seem to be the order of the day.... Geoff & Julie went for something different. A bowl of fruit & marshmallows with dipping chocolate.... Also known as fondue I think.... This caught the eye of Bill so he decided to help them out.

Shortly after we are back on our bikes & heading for Springwood via some winding but scenic roads through the back of Daisy Hill.... The Cold Rock Ice Creamery was where we were headed to further indulge with more ice cream, as we do.... As for one poor couple new to the club who just wanted a coffee (sorry can’t put a handle on your names, (I think it was MR & Mrs. Bribie wasn’t it?) ended up with a cold coffee. Someone forgot to turn the urn on I think.

Also it was nice to see Phil & Vicki & grandson arrive just in time to have an ice-cream with us. No bike as yet but getting closer.

I’m sorry it wasn’t such a great ride (even though it was an excellent night for it) after all it is called a social night, so that’s what we did.

We both enjoyed ourselves hope you all did too.