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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles


Brazilian Touch Restaurant

This was a fund-raiser event for the daughter of a friend of ours who hopes to compete in Winter Olympic ice skating.  Although the AWRA support wasn't much, about fifty people turned up, helping the youngster out immensely.

Larry and Annette joined Charleen and I for a night of good food, a show and a bit of frivolity.  If nothing else, the dancing girls looked pretty good.  No pics, you had to be there.

The food was served in an unusual way with us serving ourselves plates of vegies from a buffet, but the meats were brought around on swords and added to the plates quite often.  Beef, lamb, pork, chicken and tasty sausage, there was more than enough to go around the large crowd and no one was left hungry.

Then it was clear away the plates and "Bring on the Dancing Girls". Literally. Think Rio and Carnivale and you won't be far off. More costume in the headdress than anywhere else.
Lots of the audience were included in the fun with people learning to salsa and rumba.  Shani, our young ice skater, was included in all the fun and had a great night.

When the show was over, the youngsters took to the dance floor, the music went up loud and us old fogies vacated the premises.  However, it had been a great night and we were well fed and entertained and had done our bit to help a young and enthusiastic sport star of the future.

One thing we discovered when we got there was Annette and I had both forgotten our cameras.  Very unusual.  But I did manage to snap a couple of pics of our girls all dolled up.