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Woodford Breakfast Ride

Member Input - Club Trip
Written by David and Rosemary Brand
Sunday, 17 January 2010 14:27


Well this was our third ride and our first as ride leaders, and I have learnt alot about leading a ride, some very sound advice from others with more experience than me and to them I say thankyou.

  We arrived at BP north at about 7.05am and grabbed a coffee and waited for others to arrive. First to arrive were Phil and Vicki accompanied by Trevor and Lee or it could have been Bill and Mary. By the time it was time to leave there were about twenty for breaky. After a very quick briefing off we went. Arrived at Woodford with a couple in a car gate crashing our parking spot, ( Larry and Annette).

  It was a very nice breakfast enjoyed by all and after the raffle was drawn and won by Peter (Kaos) Mitchell and some first timers on a ST1300 I think, its a Honda so it was okay and they took their prize a ran.

  Left Woodford at about 9.45am and instead of turning right on to the Kilcoy-Beerwah Rd went straight ahead, woops we now had to do a U-turn as indicated by Rosemary (Mrs Bribie), Larry you would be very proud of me, it was a 35 klm u-turn. I later said it was a mystery part of our ride, we got back on track and headed on up to Peachester, Bald knob road to Montville turning right and back to our destination through Palmwoods and Edulo arriving at Macdonalds at 12.00 on the dot. It got very hot as we came off the range, Eric told me that it was 34deg, Mrs Bribie was feeling a bit hot under the collar but not as bad as poor Debbie, I am glad you are okay and next time I will make a stop in the middle for everyone to take on some liquid refreshments.

  I hope you all had an enjoyable morning ride and see you all again soon.