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Australia Day Breakfast 26th January 2010

Member Input - Club Social
Written by Annette  
Thursday, 28 January 2010 14:13

We offered the river, extending invites to all. Around 8am 6 Wings arrive along with Bill & Mary's son Bob on his own bike, 2 neighbours, 2 friends, plus us.  We all rocked down to the river for breakfast. Everyone looking very Australian.

After a naturally great breakfast cooked by me, we  sat around chatting so to allow for the food to settle before picking our teams for a game of cricket. The wicket was our wheelie bin  & the ball I picked up on a job some time ago. The bat I painstakingly made out of a piece of 4 x 2 the night before.  Took about 10 minutes.

Then we managed to coax the ladies onto their feet to throw a thong or 2 (the rubber variety) Maree obviously lines Rusty up occasionally as she won by  a  mile, then it was the men's turn (the G  STRING variety) Trevor romped this one in (say no more) more chatting eating and drinking, lessons in Qld nut cracking & building fairy houses, then it was time to farewell them off into the heat leaving us to return to the air conditioning.   I hope everyone enjoyed the day as we both did.  So till next time stay safe.

Catch you later