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Sunday 17th Oct 2010 Ride - Gatton and surrounds

Woke early Sunday morning and was greeted with a magnificent Spring day , it was going to be around 23Deg and clear and I thought this is “fantastic” I couldn’t have asked for a better day . I got myself ready and jumped on the bike and headed off to meet with Mr Bribie on the highway for our ride to the starting point at Blacksoil only to find out that there were already 5 bikes waiting (obviously very keen for a ride) . After filling up and grabbing a coffee we stood around and chatted for a while hoping more of our members were keen for a ride .
Starting time came and I was asked if we should have brought “Morning Tea” as there was no mention on the ride calendar so a few people did a mad rush to grab something for smoko . After a brief discussion I proceeded to explain details of where our ride would be heading and I got a little confused on which towns we would actually be riding through first . Once we riding everything fell into place (including my CB working) so I was able to communicate with everybody on directions and any problems as they occurred . My thanks to Trevor and Eric for electing to be tail end Charlie and 2nd rider prior to departure.
Our ride took us through Walloon , Mt Marrow and then some pretty ordinary rain damaged back roads to Lowood before heading through Lockyer Waters to Lake Clarenden where we stopped for our morning tea break . After all the rain we’ve had I would have thought the dam would have had a lot more water in it .
After everybody had consumed their coffee/tea/cakes that they had managed to bring we headed through some more out of the way back roads to the old Toowoomba Highway and turned off at Grantham and yet more back roads to Ma Ma Lilydale road then on to Upper Flagstone taking in some very picturesque views (had to be careful with the local Fauna ) .

We then headed up the range where I managed to wake a few members by screaming , BUS ! BUS ! over the CB , the driver (who was over the double white lines coming down the hill) managed to put the bus into the drop off and regain control much to the surprise of a few of our members further down the hill. Approx. half way up I took a side street for our compulsory U-turn which was welcomed by Thommo as the U-turn was on Bitumen .

After our little detour we finally managed to reach the top where we skirted part of South Toowoomba for a leisurely ride back down the range with a short run to Helidon where we detoured through some back roads to Gatton RSL for lunch .
After Lunch a few members had decided they couldn’t do the remaining section that I had planned because they were low on fuel so I cut short the ride and headed through Laidley , Grandchester and Rosewood to our final destination of McDonalds at Yamanto where we had our usual ice-cream/coffee and chit chat about the day , we then said our farewells before head home.
All in all a very good days riding in the Lockyer with great weather , nice green scenery and great company that was enjoyed by those who were able to attend .
p.s. – raffles were won by Trevor and Mr Bribie (hope the chocolates didn’t melt on the way home)
Keep upright

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Lockyer Valley

River crossing

A Pan head?

Phil nad Vicki

Mr Bribie

Thommo and Val

Winston and Jan

Eric and Deb

Peter "Kaos"

Trevor and Lee