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Chinchilla AGM 2011 - Larry and Annette
Day One

Larry spent hours washing his bike, just in case. Mirror Finish we called it, so I took a photo of him which fitted in the insert on the pannier.
The deal was: if it’s raining in the morning we are taking the car.
We awake 5.00am as usual, pouring rain. We get dressed & start packing the car. Quick check of the radar map which says it’s raining all the way to Toowoomba.... just about to get into the car when we get a call from Bill, “what’s happening...???” after a short discussion he assures me that its only raining in Logan City, I must be looking at an old frozen map... Yeah well, we get redressed in leathers & start to pack the bike ready to meet him on the motorway in 23 mins... Good God we were actually early.... So early that Trevor & Phil pass us saying they will meet us at Blacksoil. Shortly after Bill & Mary arrive & off we go.
Quick brekky at the BP Blacksoil, then the four of us take off up to Toowoomba making a rest stop at the I Centre there. (Coffee does that). Weather has cleared by now so it’s pretty good riding from here to Dalby. We enjoy a fine lunch at Coffee Club, all watered & fed, now its only a short stint to Chinchilla
Once booked in at The Club Hotel Chinchilla its catch up time with the Victorians, Camo & Kate. We share a few drinks & nibblies with them while we wait for the second influx of bikes to arrive.
Good old fish n chippin was the order of the day for dinner. And may I say the young staff at Salty’s Fish & Chip Shop were all very friendly & did a terrific job of getting all our orders out without any hassles. They probably even doubled their turnover for the night.
Needless to say a good night was had by all, as usual.
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Day One
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