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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Chinchilla AGM 2011 - John and Gwenda version

Woke up to a nice day weatherwise, and couldn't wait to get ready for a trip to Chinchilla. Must say many thanks to Annette for keeping us in touch with what has been happening in the club. Well we were excited that we were going to meet up with everyone again. It's been a while.

 Haven't been to Chinchilla before, so it was good to see a bit of new country. It was still obvious where the waters had been along the way.

 Checked into The White Gums and then off to see if we could find any Goldwings. We met up with Vicki and Phil, Trevor and Lyn at the IGA. Had a chat and found out where the other accomodation was, and then parted, only to catch up later.

The only Goldwing at the motel at that time was Franz and because we hadn't met before, didn't know him. We couldn't introduce ourselves either because he was constantly on the phone, all over the car park. That was the only place he could get service. However that was rectified later. No. not the service, the intros. Val and Thommo, Terese and Bevan, Deb and Eric rode in later that day. Oh, it felt like we had come home. Lots of nattereing and John admiring the new bikes, and I could see the start of a gleam in the eye. Nothing to worry about, we had no intention of buying another bike.

Caught up with the others at the pub motel. They had settled in very well on the verandah for nibbles. It was Cam's birthday so he was definately celebrating. It was so good to see everyone. Larry looked a picture of health and obviously that's all thanks to nurse Annette. Yes?????

 It was decided to invade the local fish'n'chip shop for dinner. Wow did they do a great job. We were a mob and they handled us very well. They would have loved us to show up every Friday night. Good revenue. Headed back to the Motel, John was admiring all those bikes too, and asking lots of questions. Nothing to worry about, we had no intention of getting another bike.

Next morning we met the group before they went to Miles for a ride. Trouble with Clints back tyre. Did Charleen mention there was a problem on the ride to Chinchilla? Yes but until another man mentions the same problem, do our guys listen. Oh what do we know!!!!! Anyway, John is able to take Clint to Toowoomba for a new one and problem solved. However when they get there, what should be on the floor for sale but an 1800 Goldwing. Low and behold, Clint says, "Oh look, that's a nice Goldwing for sale." That's all it took.

Morag and Kev show up at the motel, and it was great to catch up with them before everyone else arrives back from the ride. John gets back to the motel and he's full of this bike he and Clint saw. Decided we would just look through the window on our way back through Toowoomba.

Back to the other motel for a group photo and it was like Gpldwing heaven with all those bikes lined up. John was in his glory checking out all the bikes. The boys were very helpful too offering John advice, like, ring all the shops when you get home, look for the good deals, check the internet, etc, etc etc. But it's okay, because we had no intention of getting another bike.

Then it's off to the AGM. We were just visitors, and so sat back to listen to the goings on. I have to say the members from Victoria made another mighty effort to come up here again. It's a great credit to you. And to Franz travelling up as well. Bought some tickets, won some prizes, bought some badges, because we thought we would like to join the club again, didn't need to have a bike. It's the friendship that means just as much. Congratulations to the committee and all the best for the next twelve months.

Back to our respective motels to spruse up for dinner. Oh shit, Eric has locked his keys in the top box of the bike. Lots of mediation going on verbally and on the phone. The girls go on the bus and the boys will come later. Deb stayed behind with Eric because she'd lost her appetite. Can't blame her. Lucky she did because after having to cut a hole in the back of the box, Deb not only had to reach in to get the keys, but she had to search for them. They were in a zipped up case which she had to unzip to retrieve the keys. Never rains but it pours. A cheer went up when we heard they had had success. Dinner was wonderful. It was back to the motel for a few more drinks and verbal crapping on, I mean talk. Terese and Valerie took back two meals for Deb and Eric, hoping their appetite had come back. We could hope.

At our motel, we had a feral kitten that wouldn't shut up meowing. The owner had been trying to catch it for a few days without success. The boys would have loved to wring it's neck. It turned out to be another great night anyway.

Next morning we joined Morag and Kev for breakfast, and then Val and Thommo also joined us. We watched some of those wings fly by on their way to Dalby for breakfast. We would catch up with them there. And we did. Said our farewells and hope to catch up again soon. Headed for Toowoomba to have a look at this bike. Yes it's really nice and could probably get the price down a bit more. But we weren't getting another bike.

Well, all day Monday John was either on the phone or the internet. At the end of the day, he found a bike in Townsville, 09, 1800 Goldwing that had been a demo bike. 2800klms on it and was the delux model. Price $28000 ride away. He rang them again Tuesday three times to make sure it was the delux model, and that afternoon we transferred the money through, and they organised transport to get the bike to Brisbane. We picked it up Friday. Did I say we had no intention of getting another bike????

The colour is BLUE. Do I have trouble getting on the bike? Yes. I reckon I could win a prize from Funny Home Videos. But I can only get better. The ride is worth a little pain.

Thank you all for a great weekend. It was so good to catch up with you all. Was sorry to hear that some other members had dropped out of the club but that's the way things go. Don't know whether to punch you or thank you Clint. You cemented the idea of getting another bike. We'll catch up.!!!!!!