Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Week-end before Christmas runs

Sat. 17/12 Eric’s Christmas Lights Night-run.

A fine Saturday, mild temperatures and the promise of a rain-free evening should have made for a good roll-up.

Of course this didn’t happen, to follow the worrying trend of majority no-show, we were left with only 6 bikes to do the run and one of those was from the Gateway Ulysses group doing a guest appearance.

All creds to those who did front, namely Thommo 2 and Gayle, David and Rosemary,Mike and Marie and the before mentioned “86” and Lyn. Also thanks to Bill and Mary who did send a message to say they couldn’t make it.

Heading out about 6.40pm with Eric in the lead, we travelled for about 10 minutes to our first on Eric’s list, and lo and behold they must have gone out for the night and didn’t turn their lights on – “BUGGER”.

As we carried on we saw many fantastic displays with Rosemary busy on the camera taking lots of shots (although I believe not too successfully) of the displays and the bikes in flight.

Most of the viewing was in the Redcliffe and Northern suburbs area and as Eric’s Garmin wasn’t playing the game as well as he would have liked, we still had a very enjoyable ride and were very impressed by what we saw and in return impressed quite a few with our bikes.

After about 3 ½ hours we arrived at Eric and Deb’s who had put on an impressive spread with drinks to match, we all had an enjoyable cuppa and treats and of course a chat session.

The evening ended on a sour note when David and Rosemary went to their bike to find his gloves had been stolen, questioned kids in the area, but didn’t recover them.

An hour’s plus ride home then to bed – have to ride again in the morning.

The Sunday

Arrived at Maccas Yamanto to be greeted by Eric, Donna in the car (to check on numbers for lunch) Paul and Sioux on their Aussie clayton-wings, that look very similar to Honda Shadow and a Suzuki – Burgman.

Arriving at the last minute were Dene and Andea and that was our ride group.

Others going direct to Andy and Donna’s house where Trevor and Lee (needed a sleep in after doing some long hours – working. and Grumpy and Lynn in the car as he is still unable to ride.

He has another 1500 already and is hoping to be back in the saddle after Christmas.

The bike is a 2000 1500 – black with pin striping and if the photo does it credit, it should be quite an attractive 1500.

Deb was there to join the group – still having problems with her knee after the operation!

The bikes moved off from Yamanto onto the Cunningham Highway briefly before turning down Middle Rd. at Purga, heading toward Peak Crossing.

We hadn’t got too far, when we come to roadworks and the road had been ripped up and was now dirt (I promise, it wasn’t like that last Saturday when we pre-rode it). To make things worse, the water truck was coming towards us with a spray on that covered both sides of the road. Thankfully he slowed down his water delivery to let us pass.

On reaching Peak Crossing turned toward Harrisville and to avoid another dirt section, we rode via Harrisville back to the Cunningham Hwy again until we came to the Kalbar turnoff.

Rode to Kalbar then turn to the Roadvale connection road through Bum Bum (yes that is the correct name of an area) then taking the turn that brought us into Boonah.

A fantastic ride through beautiful scenic country and really a joy to ride through.

Arriving at Boonah, a short ride down the main street and into Church Street and pulling up at Ned Kelly’s Motor Cycle Accessory Store.

A really great place to spend an hour browsing through a fantastic array of clothing, boots and accessories. Ned, the owner, had cooked a sausage sizzle for us and help yourself also coffee and tea supplied plus Morag had brought along a container of Christmas goodies which seem to go down well.

After spending a pleasant hour, we said our goodbyes, took our purchases and as Ned waved goodbye and thanked us for coming we headed off for Andy and Donna’s house for lunch.

I highly recommend, if ever in Boonah, look up Ned, a really nice guy and a very interesting shop.

Taking the direct route back to Yamanto, we rode via the Ipswich – Boonah Rd. and Eric took over at Yamanto – taking us to Flinders View.

All the previously mentioned members were there at Andy and Donna’s and they put on a great tasty lunch and we spent a pleasant time, lunching and conversing.

Very enjoyable and a big thanks to Andy and Donna and you do have a lovely home. Andy is shortly due to begin treatment on his wrists and is hoping to get back to riding, soon.

Mid-afternoon had loomed and it was time to move on, some had quite a way to go home. A great – day, sorry the majority of you missed it.

Kevin and Morag