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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Stradbroke Island 2011

By Clint

I claim the record for the Shortest AWRA Ride Ever

From the ferry back to the ferry it was a total of 57km.  Eric even did it all on a nearly empty tank.

For our most relaxing day trip I also picked the hottest day of the year so far and the ride from home to the Cleveland Big Red Cat terminal was under clear blue skies.
We were all parked up in the sunshine with very little shade available

Lineup Big Red Cat

But eventually the Big Red Cat arrived and we were soon all aboard, nicely parked up three abreast in the shade.  Bikes secured, we all went upstairs to the floating cafe, grabbed coffees and cakes and relaxed for the 45 minute cruise.


Off the other side at Dunwich, we formed up for the epic ride to Point Lookout and the Stradbroke Island Hotel, arriving there just in time for lunch.
It being very hot we had fun finding tables that would catch a bit of a breeze and most gathered around tables in the breezeway.
After that we went up to the Point and parked the bikes again to go for a walk around the picturesque headlands of Pt Lookout


Then it was icecreams and saddle up for a ride to the other side of the island and check out Amity Point. We found a coffee shop but when all the bikes arrived a lady came running out to tell us they were closed.
Apparently they weren't interested in opening up again for 20 plus people wanting coffee and cake. Nice to be doing well.
So we ended up at the Amith Point Community Club, which was nicely air conditioned, much to the delight of a sweltering Roy who nearly knocked everyone over when he learned it was cool inside.

Charleen went photographing

A nice cooling drink and more chin-wagging and a few decided to head back to Dunwich to look for coffee.
They found some - and more icecreams - and were relaxing in the grass when the rest of us arrived, ready to put Roy on the six o'clock ferry.

Lined up again

The rest of us were booked on the 7:45 but we waited around to see if they could squeeze a few (12) small (?) bikes on.
While we were waiting, John amused us with a balancing trick, supported by Mike.  It went over well.

Eventually, the loadmasters managed to squeeze us on and we had a lovely starlight evening cruise back to the mainland, where we all went our separate ways.