Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

AWRA Flood Appeal Ride

Queensland is currently recovering from devastating floods with almost everyone in the State affected in some way.  Some much worse than others.

Thankfully, most AWRA members escaped unscathed and the few who were aren't too badly off.  Val and Thommo had their house inundated underneath and whilst a lot of their belongings were destroyed, the majority of their home was unhurt.  Just a lot of cleaning up.  Other members have been off work due to transport or inundation problems and some have had a lot of cleaning up to do at work, at home or for friends.

Our monthly ride was due, but in the circumstances it was deemed unnecessary and possibly would be hindering the armies of volunteers helping to clean up everywhere.  Some of us were part of that army on previous days and some still were.

Ride leader Bill decided that instead of our usual ride we would meet up for a social breakfast but instead of spending money on riding and lunches we could donate that money to the Queensland Flood Victims Appeal.

So nine GoldWings and assorted other bikes and cars turned up and we had a lovely social time for breakky.  Then we saddled up and rode a short distance to a local Coles SUpermarket which was a donation centre for the appeal.  We all lined up and handed over our various monies.  How much was up to the individual but I imagine the appeal was increased by at least $500.

Here's a few photos of the day:  Clickem to makem bigger