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Gino's Restaurant Social

Left home Saturday, joined The Cunningham Highway after coming via Booval and on merging was passed by a silver 1800, namely Andy and Donna whom on catching up to them signalled us to lead as he is having C.B. issues.

Down the Logan motorway and Gateway Arterial to Shell Virginia, where Bill and Mary had been first to arrive. Parked and chatted with Bill, Mary, Andy and Donna.

Bill has been very ill and was bedridden for weeks with Migraine’s shivering at times uncontrollably sweating most of the remaining time. He thankfully is now mostly recovered and I would imagine, glad to be back on the bike.

Andy and Donna have been holidaying in Bali and Andy was sporting a super-soft cowhide vest with hand painted GoldWing and Eagle artwork on the back and it only cost $130! and took three days to make. Absolutely fabulous job Andy and what a buy, later overheard Donna talking and apparently couldn’t see her size in an item to which the lady seller assured her “we have King-Kong size too!”

Everyone started arriving and by 6.30(our departure time) everyone was on their steed's ready to go and Eric said, hang-on, waiting for Tommo and Val and they were soon there and fuelling up – Val blames Thommo for being too long in the shower.

So with twelve bikes (10 wings Paul on his Shadow and Sue on her Suzuki Bergman scooter) we set off for Gino’s at Hamilton. A couple of hold-ups with lights changing half way through the group and the slowing for them to catch-up we arrived complete at Hamilton, no parking on Kingsford Smith Drive, so down the alleyway at the side to parking at the rear which was completed uneventfully and on into the restaurant.

David and Carolyn were already there, having come by car and we joined them at our reserved tables.
The final group was in no particular order
Clint and Charleen
David and Rosemary
Eric and Deb
Thommo and Val
Bill and Mary
David and Carolyn
Paul and Sue
Andy and Donna
Morag and myself
Larry on his own as Annette was in Melbourne. Naughty Larry wasn’t supposed to be riding! Tut,tut,tut.

We all enjoyed a beautiful meal and there was of course the obligatory chin-wag and Eric plan was to go to Park Rd. Milton for coffee, so off we set and duly arrived and Eric’s plan was for The Coffee Club but most of us were parked where we could a couple of doors down at a coffee restaurant establishment with a scaled down Eiffel Tower ( decided to give the Coffee Club a miss and go here instead because they had gas heaters) let’s call it the Rue-de-Remarks as I’ve forgotten the correct name (Clint, do you remember? **), most had coffee and very expensive cake, Gizmo went for the cookie (wasn’t paying that much for cake!).

Spent a pleasant 45minutes there and naturally chatted and then Paul and Sue (our American visitors) issued and invitation to attend their place on 2nd July for an American Independence Day get-together (2days earlier than the U.S. holiday) with the stipulation you must wear red, white and blue – what a co-incidence the Aussy flag is also red, white and blue – give you any ideas?

See web site for more details.

Time to head home after a very enjoyable evening, thanks to Eric and Deb , a good event.

Photos by Eric Text by Kevin

Hope to see as many of you on Sunday for the ride to The Channon

** It was Rue de Paris, but I like your description better.