Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Stanthorpe Ride to Yelarbon

Our local Ulysses club had a dinner on Saturday night. While doing the important thing of eating, we talked about going for a ride the next day to Yelarbon.  Of course only the wingers were interested. Hans and John decided to meet up at 10.00am the next morning.

Dragging ourselves out of bed to a minus 3 or 4 was lovely. NOT.... WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS? Idiot! Oh that's was a friend from Yelarbon who made the effort to come to town to join us....also rides a wing...also came in his car...also knows we are stupid.

Once everything defrosted we set about meeting up. Surprise... another idiot joins us riding a v star. Won't hold that against him. He's brave. Hang on, we have a Harley with another couple on it join us. That's great, but he had a little trouble keeping up with Hans in the lead and no Georgie to keep him under control (well, to keep to the speed limit anyway).

The weather was really beautiful after we got about eighty klms down the road going west. Usually after a big frost, the days are great. Anyway we met up with friends at downtown Yelarbon at the pub. As you would. Ordered our lunches and they were great. They were fast and really nice meals.

The pub managed to hogtie two musos from Brisbane, on their return to Brisbane from Morree, to play for a couple of hours. We made up most of the audience for the first hour. Then the locals woke up and started to stagger in by the time we were getting ready to head back home. You have to get back to Stanthorpe at a reasonable time or you start to freeze up when that temperature starts to fall. By the way the band was great.

The return trip was a faster pace coming back. The roos kinda scared me, thinking they were going to pop out and say boo. Johnny just had to keep up with the boys though.

Yay, back in one piece. It was a nice day all up and it was great to be back on the bike. Still look a bit weird getting on and off but the ride is worth the effort to look stupid.

Gwenda and John.