Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Support for Can-Am Riders

Our club was asked by Lily Reid if we could provide an escort for two riders, Brian and Chris who were travelling around Australia on their Can-Am Spider to raise money for Leukemia.

Typically, the rain started just as I rode out of the driveway to make my way down to BP Cabooltue South, nevertheless I had told Lily that we would be there, so I could not let a bit of water get in the way. Arriving at the servo around 9.45am I had been expecting to see quite a few bikes gathering as the invitation had been extended to the local Ulysses branches to join in the escort. Not a single bike in sight.

After refuelling I sat down to have a coffee and wait for everyone to arrive, wrong. Next to arrive were Brian and Chris on their Spider, after introductions we had a coffee and discussed their ride. So far they have travelled from Mandurah WA around the top to Brisbane with a good deal of support along the way and very few problems. A broken rear shockabsorber and broken windscreen bracket being the worst of it, but thanks to the Can-Am dealer in WA they have been looked after very well.

It was now getting close to 10.30am and time to be heading off to Kangaroo point when we were finally joined by two other bikes, John Reid and Ian Grice. Disappointing not to see any support from any of the Ulysses branches.

We headed off and made our way to Kangaroo point, where Lily and the Brisbane Ulysses Branch had set up a BBQ lunch as the fund raiser, again despite information being sent out and the event promoted it was very disappointing that only a few people took the time out to come down and support Brian and Chris.

Brian and Chris with their Can-Am

BBQ set up by Brisbane Ulysses

The imposing Storey Bridge

Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Point