Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Saturday Night Social

Meeting at 5.15pm for 5.30pm meal at the Richlands Tavern for a smorgasbord meal was the venue for the Saturday night social for 22/10/11, this being a last minute fill-in after Eric and Deb couldn’t hold their pizza night due to a last minute Wedding engagement coming up.

We originally were going to have a ten-pin bowling set of games after the meal, but lack of interest in this idea, necessitated the cancellation of this option.

The starters for the night were, Charleen and Clint, Thommo and Val, Bevan and Therese, Cameron and Kath, Gaven and Lynne, Trevor and Lee, Bill and Mary, Paul (on his lonesome) and Maree and daughter Hayley.

Unable to make it at the last moment were Larry and Annette (Larry still at work) also spitting chips about having to cook her own dinner, Donna having very sick dog to look after. Winston and Jan also unable to make it, with Winston having continuing health issues.

Really great to see Maree and Hayley having come all the way from the Sunshine Coast (Rusty away working in Chinchilla) we had a good chat and catch up and hope to see you on more rides in the future. Also Cameron and Kath (now a old-married couple) on the first event I can recall seeing them attend (other than social meetings), let’s see you both more often.

Attendee’s on bikes were Bevan, Thommo, Cameron, Gavin and ourselves with Paul on his Honda Shadow. The rest were in cars and Clint patiently waiting for parts for his wing to be put back together again.

At 5.30pm we headed into the Tavern, paid our fees and enjoyed the really tasty food and heard no complaints about the food. The time went by quickly with lots of food and lots of conversation and in no time at all it was almost 3 hours later, so we decided to call it quits and head for home as others had previously done.

Hopefully all enjoyed their meal and conversation, I know we did, although not much to report, still a good night out.

I’ll keep this report short and sweet just like the desserts at the buffet!

All the best, see you all soon.

Regards Kevin and Morag