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Hervey Bay Weekend

Kevin and Morag’s ride report


Arrived B.P. Caboolture Nth at 8.0am on schedule to find those already there were, Eric and Deb, Annette and Larry, Phil Wicks and his partner Karen – Welcome to your first Wing – Group ride, Karen! Also Mike and Marie on their first ride with us on their 1800

There was time for fuel and coffee and a chat.

Morag had made a smaller version of the banner shown at the “Show and Shine” for Eric and Deb with their names shown on it, as he wanted one to hang behind his bar at home. I believe he was suitably impressed and thanked her for all her work.

Morag had also put transfers of our “Wing” and our name on two polo shirts and they also raised some interest. Finally Trevor and Lee and Phil Merlo and Vicky arrived and all, who were riding this morning, were there.

Setting off at about 8.50am with Trevor in the lead we assembled travelling North.

Trevor was giving his new Elite camper its first camping trip and the yellow colour is quite eye-catching and drew lots of looks as we progressed.

So we had 2 1500’s +1 1500Trike, and 3 1800’s towing trailers (Eric, Phil and Trevor) Mike and Marie as our merry little band ventured towards Gympie.

Deb was quite vocal on the C.B. assuring us she didn’t want anyone going to sleep! Not much chance of that Deb.

We stopped at the Caltex, before Gympie as “Budda” does tend to use more fuel – reducing the range of standard 1500’s down from 300km to 200km for the Trike.

At this stage, I suggested instead of travelling up the quite busy Highway to Maryborough that we head toward Tin Can Bay then travel up through the state pine forest, a lot less busy road and a lot easier on the eye.

Morag had bought me a “Hero pro-cam” which I attached to my helmet and did the run with it turned on, got some really good footage, and all who viewed it were quite impressed.

Trevor had asked me to lead for the diversion from the highway and I waved him through at the end of the Forestry section as he had to stop for a short time at Maryborough at “Elite Trailers” to get a Replacement part for his trailer.

When he stopped (along with Eric and Deb) I again took over and guided the rest to “The Happy Wanderer” Tourist Park and the first thing to do was to get into some cooler clothes as it was a very warm Spring Day.

Time to go shopping and get lunch and of course liquid supplies, and then we joined Larry and Annette in their unit with Phil and Karen and started the obligatory chat and drink session, in between checking on the others (campers) who were setting up, Phil and Vicky having been joined by their son, daughter in-law and granddaughter, lending a hand to Eric to get his trailer in the right location.

All were invited over to join us for a drink at their leisure. Andy and Donna had arrived and took a Villa. Unfortunately, Eric had a hiccup with his camper after dropping his bed down – tried to move things by the lowered bed – resulting in the rivets in the hinges coming out and had to go to Bunnings to get a rivet-gun and some rivets to repair the bed.

Finally all to-gether for a chat and a drink and the next thing on the agenda was what to have for tea. After discussion, it was decided fish and chips was the way to go, so headed off for “”Maddigans” sea-food shop and there was quite a crowd there (a good sign – must be good) and waited for about 35 minutes and the wait was worth it, very tasty. We adjourned to the camp kitchen where we could all get together and eat.

By this time we had been joined by new comers Dean and Andrea and “Grumpy” (Gavin) and Lynne for their first ride with the group.

After tea we just relaxed, had a drink, chatted more, had another drink. I then produced the laptop and I had downloaded the video from the “Hero Cam” and people couldn’t believe the clarity and quality of the video, it really is a brilliant little camera.

By about 10.00pm, everyone was a bit weary, so most headed home to bed, and that was end of day one.


Awoke to a beautiful warm Saturday, the weather gods were sure being kind to us.

Separate breakfasts arranged and eaten it had been decided some were going for a ride to Burrum Heads, and others, the girls to a craft shop and the Boys to look at some car stuff. 9.00am was the arranged time for the ride group but we were asked to wait for “Grumpy” as he wanted to come with us, after 15 mins of waiting, we began to cook in the hot bike gear, so headed off without him. Heading down the Esplanade who was coming, you guessed it no one else but “Grumpy” who had obviously gone for an earlier ride? He did a U-turn and tagged on to the rear.

Riding to-day were Mike and Marie, Larry and Annette, Phil and Karen, Andy and Donna, Dean and Andrea, Grumpy and Lynne and us.

We headed off via the Esplanade then back out of town taking the turn–off to Burrum Heads, a leisurely 42km away. Stopping at Burrum Heads for a look around and some photos, most were looking for coffee and as Burrum Heads didn’t really have a coffee place, it was decided to ride to Howard to try there, 20mins later we were in Howard and found someone to make us coffee’s and with a bakery next-door- Bonus!

We all enjoyed the scenery on this ride and it was very enjoyable.

After Howard, we headed to River Heads near Hervey Bay, quite a few Mansions out this way; the only problem is if you go outside after dark the midges will eat you alive!

As there was not enough room to park, we headed out again and completed the 15min trip back to Torquay and time to re-stock the liquor and food supplies on the way back to the park.

Lunch consumed it was time for –guess what? – Yep, time for drinks, chatting and nibblies again. Shortly after Bill and Mary Arrived and we all went to lend a hand to help them set up.

A motorist had told Bill that none of the lights on his “Elite” camper were working, so on examination found the powered lead to the trailer had been dragging and rubbed through to take about an inch of cable out of the power wire. While others helped them set up the camper, Morag and I went and got our bike and found enough bits and pieces to repair it for them.

Time to return after talking to heaps of others in the park (funny, how Goldwings attract people who want to chat) to what we do best, drink, talk and eat. After showering and changing, Bill and Mary joined us, and as others rolled in, a good time was had by all.

It had been decided that Chinese was the go for an evening meal and a phone through order was the go for an evening meal and after the shop opened after five.

Previous to this, we had a bit a drama out in the street up the road, as it would appear cars had been racing. We heard a thump, then two cars speeding past the Park and a Subaru had hit the gutter, flipped and destroyed a fence and was sitting upside down in someone’s front yard. The female driver had a few cuts and scratches but was O.K.

Finally got to tea-time and met the man at the gate who delivered our meal and back to the camp kitchen again and enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal.

As time marched on I asked if anyone was coming to do a “light run” around the park to make the kids (&the big kids) stare. Showing off the bike? Right up a Goldwingers alley.

I think Deb and Eric were next after me and Trevor ;Phil and Grumpy soon joined us. Needless to say, Deb had a ball and could easily be heard over her new louder exhaust system, picking up passengers and transporting them round the park. The chant of “I got another one” could be heard from quite a distance.

People were out everywhere and kids on bikes were chasing us and the flash from camera’s going off was everywhere.

Mission successfully completed!

Chris and his wife who run the park were the ever helpful couple, even offering us to have the AGM there as they have done this before on quite a regular basis.

Having completed the “Light run”, more drinks then most wandered off to bed.

Sunday – Day Three

It had been arranged for an 8.30am trip to the Marina for breakfast, but we woke early and wished Larry and Annette and Phil (Wicks) and Karen goodbye as they were leaving early as they had other things to do at home.

Morag and I decided to go to the markets to fill the time in. Good markets and they were providing breakfast, two eggs, tons of bacon, hash browns, tomato and toast plus a coffee for $8.50 so we had breakfast there.

On returning to camp, a lot of the others had had breakfast so it was down to the Marina for a coffee.

To put it quickly, we had coffee, with Eric and Deb, Trevor and Lee and Bill and Mary, Andy and Donna joined us and as we were going home via Kilkivan and the others back via the Forest route, we said our goodbye’s and headed off to Maryborough, passed Dean and Grumpy on the wharf and their girl’s at the shops on the Wharf.

Headed home turning off 20ks past Tiaro then up via Kilkivan stopping at Goomeri for a drink and a bite to eat.

All along the way, there were grass fires everywhere and with such a hot day, made riding a bit uncomfortable. Arrived at Blackbutt Mountain only to find it was another “Cunningham’s Gap” episode with half the mountain having collapsed and only one lane working. A 15min delay ensued to get down the mountain then an uneventful (but hot) ride home.

All and All a really good week-end sorry if you missed it!

Kevin and Morag