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Morag and Kevin’s Pot Luck Dinner

Saturday 24th Sept 2011

First to arrive were Bill and Mary by car at 6.00pm. and hello’s were said and they were seated and we began to have a drink and nibbles when Scott, Irene and sons Jaden and Sam were next to arrive and having not seen them as a family for a few years, were very surprised and pleased at having see the diffence in Jaden who is now 14 and have never seen Sam at all before, it was really great to see them again and what a handsome family they make.

Sam is only four but is really a confident little fellow and was quite a card to have around.

Gavin and Lynne were next of our arrivals and must have enjoyed last weekend as they were back for another dose of Goldwing Company.

Larry and Annette arrived in the car next with so much food and desserts; she must have been a really busy lady.

Eric and Deb were last to arrive having been held up by baby sitting.

We must thank everybody for the amount and quality of the food as it had to be seen (and tasted) to be appreciated. A really fine effort everybody, and thank you!

It was then time for supper and all got stuck in and hopefully enjoyed all the labours of the cook’s efforts.

With three types of curries, all different and all yummy, Lasagne, quiche, rice and desserts of Cheese cake Mini-pavs, different types of cake, fresh fruit, cream and chocolates and lollies.

A great meal and while most enjoyed some verbal intercourse, Scott and Jaden decided to have a game of pool Jaden, never having picked up a cue before, we gave him some tips by both Scott and myself and he really picked it up quickly and gave dad a bit of a run for his money until Scott got the rust scales off and got into his stride.

Jaden definitely has the makings of a good little player in the future.

Meanwhile Sam was having a good time and certainly punished the M and M’s.

The time rolled by as everyone interacted and Eric and Deb decided to fire up their “Wings” and head for home and the others soon followed and the night wound down and everyone headed off, the only sour note was Larry had misplaced his phone and rang after getting home to see we could spot it, but no luck I’m afraid.

We all know the hassles of losing phones or purses and wallets, not a great experience and quite a hassle.

An enjoyable evening and again thanks to all who attended and help make the evening a success.

See you all next time


Kevin and Morag