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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Carina Show and Shine - Sat. 03/09/11

On arriving at McDonalds- Camp Hill at 8.0am Eric and Deb, Keith – alias Thommo Two –was there on his own, Larry by himself (later joined by Annette who arrived by car) John (with Lilly on charity work elsewhere) Trevor and Lee, and arriving just after us where Winston and Jan. After a 15 minute greet and chat we headed off on the short run to the Show and Shine site.

Being directed to our site in the far corner, we proceeded to set up, we having brought the trailer with 4 chairs, a club banner with ropes and poles to display it and tables, an advertising board, Morag had made, (she also made the club banner) some coffee, tea and cups, which many availed themselves of.

Within 15 minutes we were all set up, and time to give the bikes a bit of a polish up, then wander off and have a look at what was on display. Kiosks included, a girls biker gear stands, a local Yamaha dealer, a couple of leather gear stands, a dealer selling “Dragging Jeans” type clothing, an Ulysses stand, Graphics caravan, Classic Trailers stand, plus numerous other stands and of course, food and coffee outlets and of course plenty of displayed bikes.

Annette arrived not long after we had set up and had a coffee. Shortly after that Andy and Donna arrived after coming from the airport. Mike and Marie joined us later and it was good to see them again.

We had on display 4 X 1800’s, 3 X 1500’s and 1 Trike and had quite a few inquiries and created quite a bit of interested. The attendance didn’t seem all that great to start with, being mainly displayer’s and their families, but picked up later on and a fair crowd was in attendance.

Numerous raffles and a charity auction were run and they apparently raised in excess of $6,000 which is a bit of a surprise although a very pleasant surprise. There were some really beaut bikes, trikes, sidecars and trailers on display and most a credit to their owners.

By 2.0pm it was all over and everyone began to pack up. Morag and I gave the coffee stop a miss as it is a bit difficult to park with a trailer and as we were riding on Sunday, headed home to get some work done.

A good day out and hopefully enjoyed by all.

Morag and Kevin.

More photos by Thommo II

Annettes Photoboard