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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Ride to Maldon

Despite the possibility of a few showers, we had 4 bikes for our ride to Maldon, Australia's first National Trust "notable town".

John G, Ken and Christine, Julie and I were joined by some potential new members, Dean and Jenny on their 07 Wing.

After the usual introductions, we left the Shell at Donnybrook and on to the Hume Freeway (yes that same one with the dodgy speed cameras they have been talking about in the media). After a few kilometres, we left the freeway to head for Wallan. The road from Wallan across to Romsey is a great road with some good hills and curves. Back on the straight for a few k's to Lancefield, then another great road to Mia Mia. Over the fantastic old stone bridge at Redesdale for our coffee stop. In my earlier planning ride we were going to stop at the pub for coffee, this being the only place there. In between trips the old cafe had re-opened so they got our custom. The pub had always been a second rate choice (nice pub, woefully slow service).

We then headed off and passed close by the southern end of Lake Eppalock (I was tempted to change plans to actually see the water now in a lake that has been virtually empty for years) then through to Sutton Grange. I had found a really good road over Mt Tarrangower on my earlier ride and had missed the turnoff as it is on a crest with a blind bend and no advance signage. I had gone past the first time and had to do a u turn so I was determined this wouldn't happen today. Even though I was looking out for it I was again at the corner before realising, and barely made it around. Ken behind me wasn't able to and went straight on. After we all got around, the ride over the mountain was quite good apart from some moss on the road, and the views down the other side were great. We then cut across the Calder Freeway and on into Maldon. Maldon is full of historic buildings and is always busy, and there were quite a few admirers when we parked in the main street.

A very pleasant lunch at one of the old pubs made for a nice break.

After lunch we had a good run across to Newstead, and around to just outside Daylesford. We then headed over to Trentham (behind some very slow cars at one point) and on to Blackwood, a very pleasant little place in the hills. I made a decision to change choice of venue for coffee from my earlier ride (to the only other place in town) based on the fact that the first place is a pain to park a bike if there are lots of cars there (not a lot of spare flat ground). If we hadn't made the change, we would have missed out on the wonderful service provided by the old guy who could have not made it more obvious he didn't want to be there.

We said our farewells here and headed over to Greendale and back to the Western Freeway, heading for Melbourne. The usual splits at various exits and plenty of waves signaled the end of another very enjoyable ride.

Ride Safe