Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Jeffrey Honda Ride

20 March 2011


The March ride for the Victorian members just happened to be the ride day for Jeffrey Honda of Ferntree Gully the Victorian Goldwing Dealer (I know there is one other but they do not count)

We arrived early for an 8.15 am start a lot of riders had already turned up and were in the shop buying the goodies that were on sale. Most of the AWRA members were there except for two couples as they had prior arrangements. We were the only Goldwings except for two trikes that turned up from a guy that is the champion trike distributor in Australia. We all had a look over the assortment of bikes and it was time to go, Chris did the briefing and we were on our way.

All 150 of us headed out towards the Dandenong Mountains and out to the Yarra Valley it does not matter how many times you go through here the ride is beautiful. With all the goldwings sitting down the back the pace was quite good for such a big ride.

On the way to the first stop to Yea two riders came off after not taking a couple of bends, it appeared there were no serious injuries just pride dented. Yea was in full swing with its autumn festival and they allowed us to take over the main street so there were lots of onlookers looking over the bikes etc, John B got into a deep and meaningful discussion with the trike guys, so watch this space. With coffee and cakes had, we headed back towards Melbourne via the black spur and down into Ferntree Gully to Jeffrey Honda.

Chris and his staff had prepared a BBQ and many prizes with two members taking home prizes, as usual John B won a prize and Steve taking home some chain lube.

The day finished with another successful ride and a big thanks to Chris and his staff for the day.

Lineup of Wings
A Lineup of Wings in Yea
JohnB Deep in conversation
John B in deep discussions
Blue Trike
Red Trike