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A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

Vic Ride 10 October 2004
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 Sun 10 Oct,  The weather forecast was for a 23 degree day and the day turned out to be just that, left home not sure of how many wingers would turn up for the ride due the Bathurst car racers, riding alone today as my navigator and photographer  had to be somewhere else hope I don’t get lost.

Nine Goldwings and one BMW left for the ride. We headed around the ring road to the Tullamarine freeway and out on to the roads towards Tooborac, this time of year the country is looking great with the wings wand up and taking the corners beautifully what more could you ask for, maybe a bakery for some food, we stopped in Heathcote for morning tea and some coffee and pies etc. Russ had to leave us at Tooborac as he had to work in the afternoon.( Donut trucks on the road on a Saturday morning should be banned)


Mobil Service Station start point


After the break we headed for Kyneton, Malmsbury, Daylesford, in between Heathcote and Kyneton, Derek on his first run on the 1500 felt a wobble in the rear and discovered the joys of a flat tyre, having only owned his wing for a very short time Derek had not got around to joining Honda Assist or RACV this called for Tim to come the rescue with some compressed air after three canisters it was enough to get him to Kyneton, with Marg and Jeff being the locals and knowing the area helped Derek to the service station for some much needed air. The rest moved on to Malmsbury were one of the ladies was seen running back to the bike with some shopping, saying some thing about John won’t notice. John B you will have to invest in a trailer for the next run.

After a break in Malmsbury to wait for Derek and after some time TomandMaureen decided as they lived close to Derek they would go back and assist him get his bike home with the help of Jeff and Marg, Derek’s bike was delivered back to Melbourne that afternoon.


Special thanks, to Tim, Jeff and Margaret for their help and Tom and Maureen for assisting Derek to get back home on the day.


After the break we headed to Daylesford for lunch after finding a parking spot we found a cafe and ice-cream shop next to each other what more could you ask for. (Out the door went the diet)


Daylesford for Lunch

Road on the way to Tooborac

Jeff and Marg

Danny and Jenny

After Lunch at Daylesford


After a good lunch we decided that time had got away and that we would cut the ride short and head straight home from Daylesford.


As riders peeled off to there home locations so ended another great ride with good company and good riding. 


Riders on the day


John, JohnandMargaret, TimandLyn, Danny& Jen, DarylandJulia, Marg& Jeff, Tom& Maureen, Russ, BrianandEdith, Derek.


Thank you to all the above who made the ride an excellent day also a special thank you to Margaret Brak for the photos hoping all can make it on the next ride which will be on the 27 Nov 04, flyer Attached.

Also seeking interest in an overnighter to Omeo and around the Murray to Albury and home in Feb 05 if interested then please catch up or email me back with your thoughts if there is enough that’s more then me doing it we will do it.