Australian Wing Riders Association (Qld) Inc

A club for riders of Honda GoldWing and Valkyrie motorcycles

John Gilbert's Favourite Goldwing Links


Accessories Good site for under-mirrors and other electrical items Good Dash mats John is in QLD Frank is in SA . Australian company good for replacement chatterbox stuff Good site has a link to Ebay for all accessories and parts this is the only one i use for my accessories as they are quick and good excellant service just tell them John from Australia sent you This company is also very good for accessories Good item well worth it Back rest site You will need this one>  
Clubs Qld club/ vic club  good riding group Mostly NSW club Mostly Vic Club only does rallies no rides Good source of info  
Forums Good forum all 1800 1800and1500 forum  
Good sites This site is good for past issues of Wing World  

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