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Old News

Date Item
30 June 2011 June Committee Meeting minutes added.

Spotlight added to the Members Only section.  A concept by our new Ride Coordinator.  Read about other AWRA Members and put in a little about yourself.  Any information will remain in the Members Only area.
If you have a photo of yourself online (Photobucket Flickr or even somewhere on Auswingriders, copy the URL (web address) and add that too.
Please use responsibly.
28 June 2011 Story from Kevin on the June ride to The Channon.  I saw lots of cameras out there so there must be some photos.  Send 'em in.
23 June 2011 Letter from our French mates Michel and Christine.  They visited a buffalo farm recently and took some photos.  Interesting GoldWings amongst them.
22 June 2011 Gino's Restaurant Social Story by Kevin - Photos by Eric.  Anyone with more photos, please send them to
21 June 2011 Happy Winter Solstice.  The days start getting longer now.

Story by Gwenda and John braving the cold to ride with Hans and others.
16 June 2011 News from Frans that his operation went well.  He is a bit dizzy and sore right now but should be better tomorrow.
All the best.
15 June 2011 June Meeting Minutes added
8 June 2011 Wing Rider Frans van der Merwe is in hospital for heart bypass surgery. He had a light heart attack last week.  He is confident the surgery will fix the problem.  It will be done in St George Hospital, Kogerah in the next couple of days.
Frans can be contacted by SMS through his mobile phone via the Members List.
Get better soon Frans.
7 June 2011 Changes to Qld Calendar.  RSVP form added for Christmas in July ride as Kevin and Morag need numbers.
23 May 2011 Report by Eric on Support for Can-Am Riders
May Committee Minutes added
22 May 2011 Annette's story of Hogs Breath Cafe social
Bike for sale 1988 GL1500
17 May 2011 Two ride stories from the weekend, by Valerie and Clint
17 May 2011 Change to Calendar.  For the Hogsbreath Cafe social this coming weekend, Kevin and Morag need numbers as the restaurant fills quickly.
So I'm trialing an RSVP form.  If you are intending to go, please fill it in.
It all takes place in the Members section so your info will be safe but you will need to log in.
If it doesn't work for you, please contact Ride Coordinator Kevin to let him know you are coming.
14 May 2011 Slight change in calendar for May ride
3 May 2011 Membership List updated.  Info for Members only.
1 May 2011 Video link added to John G's photopage of the 2011 AGM
30 April 2011 Our French mates Michel and Christine Raffin recently did a ride with 150 other GoldWings.
Here's a link to some photos.  Seems Wing Riders are the same the world over.
28 April 2011 April Committee Minutes posted for Members only
20 April 2011 Two new versions of Chinchilla AGM  Photos by John G and story by Gwenda that has me a little worried.
But congratulations on their new bike.  I was wrong about the colour as it is BLUE.  Can't be helped, but an excellent buy.
19 April 2011 Several additions to Qld Calendar
18 April 2011 Victorian report on Chinchilla AGM  ride
AGM Minutes online for Members only
14 April 2011 Report on Chinchilla AGM by Larry and Annette
13 April 2011 Rumour from a very reliable source that John and Gwenda Zanetta will be very shortly proud owners of a GL1800.  Apparently all my fault for making John drive me to a Honda dealer for that tyre.
Now all that remains to be seen is the colour.
I'm tipping White.
11 April 2011 Report for Chinchilla AGM by Kevin and Morag
7 April 2011 April Meeting Minutes posted for Members only
30 March 2011 March Committee Minutes added for members only
29 March 2011 Story added - Jeffrey Honda Ride
21 March 2011 AWRA AGM Notices updated in the Members Section.  Program of events and Nominations Received added
March ride was washed out so will be held later - Calendar updated.
New Post Box address now P O Box 481 Waterford 4133
12 March 2011 March Meeting Minutes added for Members only
9 March Update to Calendar  Ride for 20th March added
Alternative accommodation for AGM
4 March Story added - Bill and Mary's Burger Bash
Annette's pictures added to Bill's Story
3 March 2011 Story added - Vic ride to Cann River
Change to Vic calendar.
24 February Minutes for February Committee Meeting online for Members only
23 February 2011 2012 GoldWing released in USA

Click the photo for more details
22 February 2011 Notices for 2011 AWRA AGM online for members only
Calendar update to include AGM
Straddie Story added
18 February 2011 February Meeting Minutes online for members only
16 February 2011
Annual Jeffrey Honda Ride in Other Rides calendar.
9 February 2011 Qld Calendar updated for Stradbroke Island Trip 20 Feb
A few pictures added to Photo Gallery
7 February 2011 Short story and pictures from Australia Day BBQ
Changes to make Membership renewal form more user friendly - subscriptions are due by end of February
Other Rides problem fixed
Links added to Links Page 
Several GoldWing accessory dealers now also offer OEM parts ordering online.  Members have advised that it takes about the same time as waiting for local dealers to get parts in and is often a lot cheaper.  However, beware the limits of purchasing overseas.  Orders over $1000.00 attract import duty.  Same as accessories.
See the Links Page for links to HondaDirectLIne, Cyclemax and Wingstuff.  Spend a bit of time checking as prices can vary.
16 January 2011 Short story and pictures from January ride
11 January 2011 Update to Qld Calander with change of plans for the ride this Sunday.
Minutes for January Meeting for Members only
8 January 2011 Update to Qld Calander
2 January 2011 Happy New Year Wing Riders

Annette's photoboard of December Breakky Ride
Committee Meeting Minutes for Members Only
Updated Member List now in Members Only
19 December 2010 Changes to the look of the website.  Still a bit of work to do.
Bright Weekend story by Craig
15 December 2010 Pictures of Bright Weekend Ride by Lindsay
Change to Qld Ride Calendar, Lights Ride cancelled.
Christmas Message from the President
14 December 2010 Minutes of December Meeting for Members only.
5 December 2010 A couple of changes to the Victorian Ride Calendar
3 December 2010 Couple of ride stories added Sippy Downs and Maffra
22 November 2010 Photostory of Xmas Party by Annette
Minutes of November Committee meeting for members only
Other Rides has some interesting additions
17 November 2010 November Meeting minutes online for Members only
Report on Kingaroy ride by Mr Bribie
26 October 2010 Updates to Vic Ride Calendar
24 October 2010 October Committee Minutes online for Members Only
19 October 2010 Vic Ride to Malbon added - story by Craig
18 October 2010 Gatton Ride - Story by Kaos - Pictures by Charleen
14 October 2010 Minutes of October Meeting for Members only
Eric's Photos from Coffs Harbour weekend
Note we now have entertainment for the Christmas Party.  None other than The King himself.
20 September 2010 By unanimous decision of the Committee, there was no committee meeting this month.
Annette's Photostory of Coffs Weekend added
News from Wing Ding via Wing World about new models.
13 September 2010 Ride Calendar updated with motel address for this weekend.
(Town Lodge Motor Inn, 110 Grafton St, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450)
13 September 2010 Minutes of September meeting online for Members only
26 August 2010 Minutes of August Committee meeting online for Members only
August Social report added.
18 August 2010 Minutes of August meeting online for Members only
One more Raffin Item - our Flag flies in France
16 August 2010 Addition to Rides We've Done  We're spoilt by two versions from Mike and Annette.
Also small update to the Members Lists in the Members only section
15 August 2010 Last entry from our French mates. They are back safely home with a basketful of our best souvenirs.
10 August 2010 They are back in the South East.
7/8 August 2010 A bit more from the Raffin Family
5 August 2010 It seems our recent upheaval caused the forms we use to stop working.  It will take me a little while to re-write the background program so in the mean time we will have to go back to the manual system.
So, if you want any regalia, you'll need to phone our regalia officer to place your order.

Minutes for July Committee available for Members only
2 August 2010 Riding gear for sale by John Gilbert - will post to Australian address
1 August 2010 Story by Annette on Thai Restaurant
Update on Raffin Page
30 July 2010 More added to the Raffin page
28 July 2010 Nice looking GL1000 for sale
26 July 2010 A nice day out with International visitors.
Minor updates to Vic Ride Calendar

Invite from Pro Honda
Pro Honda Rocklea and the 750 4 club are having a '70's day this Saturday and they would like to see as many old Hondas and other Jap bikes as possible. Test rides available on the new CB's Bring out the old jiggers * PRO HONDA ROCKLEA * SATURDAY 31st JULY 9.00AM - 1.00PM * The 750 4 club are putting on a Sausage sizzle. See you there Cheers Chris Dupen
21 July 2010 Late addition of Social for 24th July  See Qld Calendar for details.
16 July 2010 Minutes of July meeting available now in Members Only area.
11 July 2010 A couple of new items on the Qld Ride Calendar
9 July 2010 Members Only section is back online.  Looks like all the old usernames/passwords are still there so check if yours works and if not, give me a holler.
Members Input and Picture Gallery are now gone and we are back to the former ways.
I have saved all the photos and stories and will be making them more available as time goes by. 
Notice the Rides We've Done  page has been re-formatted and this is where you will find Ride Stories from now on.
To have your story put there, simply email it to the Webmaster and I will get it online as soon as I can.
Same for pictures, send them in.  I'll have some kind of Gallery set up soon.

It looks like running third party programs on this server is a no no if we want to keep our security.
7 July 2010 I've finished farkling (for now).  A full three day effort, which took six days.  Link Here
Now I can get on with transferring the stories out of the members input section and on to the main site.

Please do not put any more stories on there as I will be closing that section down soon.
From now on send your stories to me via email and I will put them up on the site - just like the old days.

I'll make a special section for Committee reports too. ;-)
5 July 2010 Looks like there will need to be some changes tot he site - again.  Finally got an answer from our hosting service that the reason we cannot have a secure Members folder is that there are too many files on the site and the main culprit is the Members Input section.  The operating program for it is very large.
So after advice from the General Meeting tonight, I will move all the current Members Input stories over to the normal part of the site and remove the Input program.  Then see if we can get security back again.

Please bear with me whilst the changes are made.  I have been busy re-farkling a GoldWing and still have some work to do there.  You can check my progress at this link

In other news, we have a group of overseas visitors - Wing Riders - coming for a holiday in Queensland.  They will be spending a day in Brisbane on Monday 26th and I have offered to be guide for the day.  Then they are hiring a camper to travel north.  If anyone has the day off and would like to help out it would be nice.  Always nice to meet overseas Wing Riders.  I'm meeting them for breakfast near the Formule1 motel near the airport, then a CityCat ride and maybe up to Mt Cootha for the views.  Give me a call if you can help out.

Our contact is Michel Raffin and this is his website.  It has some interesting ideas. 
  Another addition to the Profiles.  Thanks to Frans and Jeannie
Heard from webhosts, but nothing useful.  Perhaps soon they will acknowledge fault, but I'm not holding my breath.
In the mean time, if you want any information for members only, email one of the committee.
24 June 2010 New addition in Profiles of a couple who have been with us for a Long time.
24 June 2010 I have the new bike in Brisbane, registered and ready to ride. WooHoo
24 Jun 2010 Still no word from the webhosts.
If any members want a fresh copy of the Members List, email me and I will send it through.
21 June 2010 We have had a security problem with the Members folder on the site.  Out hosting company is trying to fix it but in the meantime I have removed all personal information from the site.  This includes member lists, forms and minutes.
If anyone needs these, please contact me and I can send them via email.
Hope to get back to normal soon.
10 June 2010 I hope everyone is noticing that our President and Secretary are putting articles in the Members Input section.
If you don't have access, just go to the Members Input section and go through the registration process.
There are only 17 registered from a total of 60+ members so some of you are missing out.
Only registered members can see Committee reports and some other articles that are not available to the general public.
Registration involves filling in a form and waiting for Admin approval.

Please note there are three areas of the site that need passwords to access:-
  1. Members Only - Gives access to Membership list, Meeting minutes, Constitution and Order forms
  2. Member Input - Access to write and view articles composed by members and virtually replaces the Magazine
  3. Photo Albums - Access to upload photos for all to see.
Sorry we cannot have one UserID/Password for all three, but we are doing this on the cheap.
4 June, 2010 Details of June Ride on Calendar

Yep, I Crashed the Wing.  Full story in the Members Input section under Private Rides.
Being only a couple of months old, it will be replaced.  Soon I hope.
24 May 2010 May Committee Minutes available for members only.
19 May 2010 New article in Members Input by Eric. 
Trevor the Treasurer is learning how to put photos on the Membership List.  So if you want yours updated, send him a good mugshot.
15 May 2010 Updated Member List now in Members Only section
11 May 2010 Update to  Qld Ride Calendar with more details of Larry's ride.

New photostory of Frans and Jeannie's ride to South Australia in the Members Input Private Trip section
6 May 2010 Minutes of May General Meeting are online for members only.
3 May 2010 Victorian Calendar for 2010 and some of 2011 is available.
Craig is going to experiment with a couple of winter rides this year.   Rug up.
20 April 2010 I had a little meltdown of the Photo Albums section yesterday.  The thumbnail-building part of the program threw a hissy.  Had to revert to an older backup and so lost photos entered since last weekend.  I retrieved them and have re-added and all is working again.  Some of the commenting has been lost. C'est la vie.

For anyone who didn't get Eric's email, the Social this weekend is at Kookaburra Cafe, 280 Given Tce, Paddington.  Get a message to Eric if you plan to go.

Story from the Kilkivan run last weekend has been added to the Members Input section.  I even added some piccies from the lost lot.
16 April 2010 New meeting place is at Morningside Services Club, 481 Wynnum Rd, Morningside.

From Gateway, take Wynnum Rd exit towards the City and travel 5km.  Just past the Morningside Railway Stn, through one set of lights and the club is on the left in Balmoral Park.  If you reach the Bulimba Cemetery you've gone too far.
From the City take Story Bridge and Shafston Ave which becomes Wynnum Rd. 5km from the bridge pass the Bulimba Cemetery and the club is on the right.  If you reach Morningside Railway Stn, you've gone too far.

Monday night is $10 steak night so meals should be much cheaper than our previous venue.
13 April 2010 Several photos of AGM posted in the albums.
Update to Ride Calendar
6 April 2010 Minutes of April Committee Meeting online for members only
5 April 2010 RUSTY UPDATE
Rusty has been discharged from hospital in Adelaide.  His spleen is at about 50% and he is still in a reasonable amount of pain so he is on strong tablets.
However he and Marie are on their way home by car and expect to be back by the weekend.
31 March 2010 Just in case you didn't notice it on the front page, the Breakfast Creek Wharf restaurant has closed its doors leaving us with no place to meet once again.

If you know of a place that meets our requirements, please advise a committee member.
We need a place that is:-
  • Free
  • Has meals available
  • Provides a private room away from other patrons.
30 March 2010 Rusty Update
Hey all
Recent update from mum:-
They've x-rayed his chest and found he has a puncture in his left lung, it was full of fluid so they set up a chest drain to get the fluid off his lung tonight. They have scanned his spleen and he has only 12% use of that. He's had to have a few immunisations to ward off the diseases he could get, so that he can stay healthy he has to be on antibiotics and aspirin for 2 years as well. His expected discharge date was 31st of march but now it just depends on how fast he can heal in the next few days.

Thanks for all your support once again and will let you know more updates as soon as i know!
29 March 2010 Notice of nominees for Committee Positions for 2010 AGM is in the Members area.
29 March 2010 Rusty Update - via Hayley

Spoke to him again today was actually giving me some cheek so must definitely be on the mend! He goes for chest x-rays today to see if he has an infection or not. Then tomorrow he has another scan on his spleen to see if it has healed properly! He is in great spirits and we can only hope that he is back home soon!!
Thanks again to everyone for all your support and kind words!

Thanks to Hayley for keeping us up to date.

27 March 2010 RUSTY UPDATE
Email from Hayley Rust that I'm sure she won't mind being reproduced here
Hi everyone!!

Spoke to dad for the first time tonight he is in a normal ward now but still having trouble breathing due to his lower left lung weakness, so please if any calls or contact please come through my number and email this would be much appreciated! His spleen has stopped bleeding and now he just has to do his exercises daily so he can get fit again. Mum is doing her best to look after him! His hands are a mess and he has assured me he can't remember anything from the accident only a loud bang and then him waking up on the ground having trouble breathing with everyone looking down on him!

So I'll keep you posted over the weekend with any updates!!

Love to you all and thanks for all your kind words and thoughts I've let dad know you're all thinking of him.

Love the Rusty Gang!!
23 March 2010 TWO  CRASHES
Sad to report that Rusty and John & Lily have both had mishaps on their returns from Albany Ulysses AGM.

First John and Lily had a coming together with an eagle between Balranald and Hay on Saturday.  It flew up from beside the road and hit John's helmet, tearing off the visor.  The bike went down and they both slid a fair way.  They wore through the protective armour and have lost a bit of skin.    Both are fine and will return home.
The brand new bike is demolished and the trailer damaged.

Then today, Rusty apparently had a rear tyre blowout at Woodend near Adelaide and came off.  Marie was not with him as she was staying with family in Perth then flying home today.  She has now diverted to Adelaide hospital where they have Rusty in IC.  He has several injuries including the dreaded shoulder and a fair bit of skin.  He will be OK but is sore and sorry right now.

Please be careful out there.
6 Mar 2010 Minutes from march meeting published - for members only.
I'm having a great time on my travels.  Hope you are all reading my blog.
1 Feb 2010 Just one month until Membership is due.  Get in early and make it easier for our overworked Treasurer.
Renewal Forms are in the Members Only area.
1 Feb 2010 Annual General Meeting is coming up.  Members please read the AGM Notices.
1 Feb 2010 Thanks to Frans for the first Front Page Photo of the Month (or whenever)
27 Jan 2010 Annette has done up a story on the Coolum Night Ride and also put photos in the albums.  Great work Annette.
She has also done a montage of photos from the Australia Day get together at the Fisher's.  It is in pdf format and can be downloaded from this link.  Careful it is a 4MB file.
27 Jan 2010 To have a different look on the front page, Let's have a "Bike of the Month" photo on the front page of the site, instead of the Committee members.  We all know what they look like anyway.
So Members, email me a nice photograph of your bike, preferably posed in the same manner as our Logo and I'll put up a different one every month or so.
26 Jan 2010 Eric added some Australia Day photos to the Photo Albums
22 Jan 2010 There's a Ride report in the Members Input section and several photos in the Photo Album under January 2010
Thanks to David for the story and Annette for the photos.
A good idea to email me when you put in a story.  For anti-spam security I have to OK any stories. 

6 Jan 2010 Added a How To Guide for putting photos with stories on the Member Input pages.
4 Jan 2010 Qld Ride Calendar updated.  Note new meeting place for 17 Jan Ride.
Happy New Year Click here for older news items